• I do not know, but: A human cannot call themselves a Muslim if they rape a person. If a person (claiming to be Muslim) performs armed robbery (for no morally right reason), then the person is not afraid of being punished (when they die) for what they have done, and so the person is not likely to (truly) be a Muslim. The exception is if they have been forced into performing the action e.g. starving hunger forces a person to use a knife to steal a loaf of bread to feed his/her child. The number of -true- Muslims that have performed rape should be 0. The number of -true- Muslims that have performed armed robbery should be very low (The very poor that is forced to steal to live).
  • I think the people that are poor and forced should also be 0. That is why we pay Zakat. If someone is truly that poor and is a true Muslim, they should have no issues going to a mosque and getting help. I know I would help out if I could.
  • 31. Three one.

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