• Because of the bacteria in the milk. When refrigerated its dead, but left at room temperature it can thrive. Its the same with anything you should refrigerate.
  • Coliforms are the main reason for milk spoilage.When the milk is refrigerated the bacterias of the group of lactic acid & coliforms goes in dormant position ,do not further muliply due to low temperature. Pasteurization (it is the process to bring the temperature of thr milk to 70 deg cel ,which kills most of the bacteria) kills almost all of the bacteria, but some of the bacteria that cause milk to spoil still remain. At room temperature ,bacteria are given an environment that promotes growth, they will rapidly grow & spoils the milk.
  • I would never drink any milk that's been refrigerated for two weeks. Ugh!
  • Local raw milk was delivered(room temperature) to our door from the farm next door. Eggs too at room temperature. Agribusiness mass producing anything adds a factor that necessitates refrigeration. .When clean local natural raw milk is left at room temperature it then turns in a healthy way to whey and curds. Pasteurization of cows or goats milk that are grass fed free range animals is unnecessary and kills those natural healthy enzymes.
  • Bacteria grow faster at room temp

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