• Napoleon Dynomite
  • We have very similar favorite top 10 movie that doesn't fit the rest is American President. I don't know why, but I love that movie. I watch it everytime it cycles back around (just like Godfather...Shawshank...etc!) Great usual.
  • All of the ones you mention are in my top ten list except, yeah, Steel Magnolias. A movie called Talk Radio is in my top ten list and that probably doesn't fit but only because it's not very well known.
  • These are my current favorites listed singularly. In no special order. They do change a lot. I tend to pick director's as my favorites because they consistently make many great films. Everything is Illuminated Zwartboek Schindler's list In Bruges Eastern Promises The Apartment Pan's Labyrinth Volvar The Shop Around the Corner (original B&W) Nosferatu (original silent B&W film) Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin) Most of the Marx bros. films ***** All of Stanley Kubrick's films All of Ingmar Bergman's films Most of Robert Altman's films Most of Woody Allen's films Most of Pedro Almoldovar's Most of Akira Kurosawa's films Many Billy Wilder's films

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