• Potato like it hot.
  • Two more potato island and back to the potato. Lol -:)
  • Gone with the Potato: a story of love lost during the Irish famine.
    • Linda Joy
      I love it!
  • Shawpotato Redemption The story of a friendship between a bad potato and a bad turnip in the prison kitchen.
  • Potato flew over the cuckoo`s nest. They would try to get it.
  • Greased Potato
  • Monty Python and the Holy Potato.
    • mushroom
      Your mother was a potato and your father smelt of hash browns!
    • Azlotto
      Well, they do like eating at Waffle House.
    • Linda Joy
      Scattered smothered and covered!
    • Azlotto
      Lol...I don't know if you remember me, but, hello : )
    • Linda Joy
      ok are you quoting lines now or asking me if I remember you? lol Of course I remember you! You're from Kentucky, you like beer? you lost your virginity leaning against a dog house and you cheated on someone. Your first question (I think) was on New Year's Eve about cooking a piece of meat that turned out well and you do vegetarian one week on one week off. You like much of the same music I do and you gave me a hug not long after I first got here when 3 people in my life died in a row. That's all I can remember off the top of my head. Hello! ;-) Your turn! What do you remember about me?
    • Azlotto
      Wow! You have have an exceptional memory. About you: You are a little older than me. You're single. You like helping people...sorry, that's about all I got for now.
  • Here are the Sean Connery 007 films about potatoes! Potato Only Lives Twice; Dr. Potato; From Potato With Love; Potatofinger; Potatoes Are Forever
  • Potatoes At Tiffany; The Nutty Potato; Potatorella; The Potato Job; Superpotato; Wonder Potato
  • cant think of one
  • Potato III
  • As Potato As It Gets.
  • Carry On Potatoing.
  • Seems Like Old Potato
  • They Call Me Mister Potato!
    • Linda Joy
      Robo Potato!
  • The Color Of Potato, Blame It On Potato, Used Potatoes, History of The Potato Part I, Potatoes From Hell, Chatterpotato, Savage Potato, The Naked Potato, John Potato, Darker Than Potato, A Boy & His Potato, Good Morning and Good Potato, Potato Art, Year Of The Potato
  • 2001 Potato Oddessey.

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