• You could have the nose up the other way 'cos the current design isnt very good when you get a cold. Then again, you'd be in trouble in it rained...
  • I would make some parts of a man and some parts of a woman with "mandatory minimum" sizes.
  • None I am unique and like it that way
  • I would make sure guys / men had more blood. ( man was made with 2 heads, and only enough blood to run one at a time)
  • A way to voluntarily increase your metabolic rate in time of need, so that fat people would just have to sleep outside in winter in their skivvies and wake up a couple pounds lighter every morning.
  • Turn signals and some kind of instinct like schools of fish and flocks of birds have so when you're in a group you wouldn't get run into.
  • I wouldn't put a 'playground' so close to a 'waste disposal' facility.
  • I'd make every brain and mind standard. Also boobs and willys would all be the same to stop the show offs.
  • I would like to re-design the complicity of the female body. Its not right that we are so complex and have issues all on our own.
  • For men, less sexual desire. For women, a little more definitely shouldn't hurt.
  • i would not put the "breathing tube" and the "swallowing tube" in the same place or at least not right next to one another!!!
  • External male gonads are definitely a major design flaw - too vulnerable.
  • Stronger back muscles. I hurt mine 10 years ago and have never fully recovered. There are only six small muscles holding us upright. I'd make 'em bigger, stronger, faster.. Bionic!!!!!!!
  • Somewhere to plug in my iPod, because bugger all cars have the right input. No arse, because they only lead to embarassment. The ability to make the penis any length and girth you wish it to be, within a tolerance of a few inches either way. But only I get that one. Flashing foreheads on dullards so you know to steer clear of them at parties. Glow-in-the-dark blood. I don't know why, but I think it'd be unbelieveably awesome. Two hearts. Just in case one packs up. Less intestines. In fact, if there's no arse we won't need intestines, so get rid of them and put a DVD player there or something.
  • Faster metabolism no 'time of month' for women until the body knows it is pregnant or a certian age (20's or so) Naturally buff :P
  • Other than what is mentioned... A spigot to turn off the dripping nose. A port to draw blood/get shots/stick IV's in. An increased efficiency in the healing capacity. No more illness that lasts more than a day. A switch to regulate hair growth over various parts of the body. Have babies born small and inflate after birth.
  • Put the testicles inside, out of harm's way, Sort out the windpipe/foodpipe problem Make the back better. Another thumb on the other side of the hand. Airflow through, like gills, not in-and-out: half the effort just brings back in what you just breathed out. Move the reproductive bits away from the excretory bits.
  • I would do something about muscles is the neck, maybe some sort of back up device. They get sore pretty quickly. And backs don't heal fast. I'd make backs stronger.
  • Where to start... 1) Women would have breasts on their backs three of them. 2) The clitoris would actually come in contact with the penis during intercourse. 3) Cold or not men wouldn't shrink like scared turtles. 4) hair would only grow where it is supposed to head,pubic.nowhere else like ears nose ,bushy eyebrows.
  • Four arms, rather than only two. Stronger immune system. Better resistance to arthritis.
  • First of all, I wouldn't put the reproductive system in the same neighborhood as the sewer system. Also, it just seems like a terribly poor design to have to breathe, eat, and talk out of the same hole. How many people die every year due to that evolutionary jimmy-rig?

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