• 1.) You'd be better off not looking for "quick-fix" solutions, and instead making lifetime changes to your eating habits so you can keep the weight off. 2.) 70-80% of your caloric intake just goes to maintaining your body temperature, so no amount of exercise is going to have as much of an impact on your weight loss as simply reducing the amount of food you eat.
  • If you truly want to lose the weight and keep it off, it probably won't come off quickly. You didn't gain the weight in a week and you won't lose it in a week either. Focus on eliminating junk foods, eating more fruits and veggies, and exercising on a regular basis. It's much easier to say than do but if you do that you'll be on a good start.
  • try p90x works for me, it's a diet and exercise program that changes the way you think about food and the exercise is based on muscle confusion so you keep building muscle and burning up your fat. BTW, there's ways to change the program so you don't end up looking totally ripped, just lean and healthy ;)
  • lemon detox diet. works like a dream
  • I hurt my back in 04 and had to have disc surgery. I was on my back for a while and didn’t adjust my eating habits to account for a lack of activity. Also, I found that as I got a little older weight was harder to keep off and my appetite got stronger. Just not even paying attention I put on over 30 pounds pretty quick. When I jumped on a scale at my friend’s house I nearly freaked. My friend mark is a diet guy and when I say that I mean he’s always on the cutting edge of what’s the hot supplements and products so I asked him what was a good way to drop some weight and he told me about hoodia. It sounds like a line but I got some and my hunger really just kinda vanished. No bull! And I can eat a horse. That was also a problem as we get a little older we can still eat as much or more because the stomach gets stretched out when over stuffed for long periods of time when a person is overweight. Also, we are not as active. So eating as much or more and doing less activity it only strands to reason that you’re gonna pork up. Anyhow, I tried the hoodia, it worked great and I lost 33 pounds. It worked so good as a matter of fact that I started a whole web site dedicated to weight loss w/ hoodia and treating my injured back, amongst other health tips. So, if you want, and I really think you should, please GOOGLE: online health desert burn hoodia : you can just cut and paste it, and you can read my 100% true story about my weight loss success with hoddia, complete with before and after pics of me and everything. So, I hope sincerely that this helps you and I hope that you lose the weight that you want. Best of Luck!!! Also, here's a link. thanks.
  • Try Somersizing by Suzanne Somers. You'll lose weight relatively quick (no quicky diet is good) and it isn't a diet. You eat, whole natural foods, eliminate the funky foods and fat literally melts for energy.
  • i LOVE jillian michaels, she is a trainer from the biggest loser. i have her workout videos and books. She's really amazing. Cut out fats, eat more vegges, fruits, and protiens, and exercise exercise exercise!!
  • I can help you in this because i had the same problem.Because of work load i couldn't regular my exercises so i become a fat person then i heard about i tried the trial product for free and i feel the difference in a month period.I lost my more than 15 pounds in a month I am happy now. Derwyn
  • Weight loss is a concern of every next women in this world. In order to capture a thin or a lean body, people start starving or began following weight loss programs. But before considering any health program, you should first check that do you really need that program.

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