• An important feature of the Black Sea is an unusually high river discharge into the relatively small semi-enclosed Sea. The Black Sea drainage basin covers almost third part of Europe; the largest river is Danube flowing through 10 European countries, other big rivers are Dnieper, Bug, Dniester, Don, Kuban, Rioni. The average annual river runoff into Black Sea is 350 km3, whereas the Black Sea volume is 550000 km3. This water head creates a current from the Black Sea - through the Straits and the Sea of Marmora (= Marmara Sea ) - to the Mediterranean There is less than a ten ctm tide in the Black Sea
  • All bodies of water have tides, but the less water there is the harder it is to detect. In addition, the more external sources of turbulence there are, the harder it is to detect a tide. That is to say, rivers have tides, but because the water is always running downhill, you'll never see the tide. Even a glass of water is affected by tidal forces, but you'd probably have to be looking at it at a molecular level to detect it.

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