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  • I don't like it but I've had it before...
  • My wife won't even contemplate it,She says i am anal for even asking!
  • I love it, just as much as vaginal. Honestly, I "tried" it (incorrectly) 3 times before my now husband and I tried. I thought it felt weird at first and I was scared about but the pain, but my husband and I used a lot of lube and went slow... very slow (thank god he'd never done it before, so he was able to stay turned on and give me a chance to relax and enjoy it). Now, about half of our sexual interactions are anal... and we have sex maybe every 2 to 3 days. Now that I'm pregnant (swollen and yeast infections... eeew!!!) anal is the only way we can both enjoy each other without hurting me. I fight for anal, I think every female should try it, but the correct way.... it's not a fast process, and it doesn't feel GREAT until the female in completely comfortable with the act and her partner. I'm not saying anal is for everyone, but a lot of girls won't even try it, guys too... why not? If you wash your butt, there's nothing gross about it! You don't have to give yourself an enema beforehand, unless the object used is longer than ten inches or something. *~* All the rumors are lies, made up by people who've never done anal, or tried dry, or only using spit. The first 5 or 6 times (or however long it takes you to get used to it), you'll need LOTS of lube and patience, but it will pay off. Goes for guys too!!! *~*
  • I LOVE anal sex, and if the guy I'm doing it with asks, I'm all for it. It took me a while to get used to it, but it certainly paid off. Because I was able to get used to anal sex, I was able to enjoy experiences such as double penetration.
  • I love it, as often as hubby wants, I'm game. I think it feels great, as long as your partner is gentle and knows what he's doing. I've had some of the best most intense orgasms ever during anal sex.
  • I LOVE IT... how often? well, how often you have sex ? for me is just part of that... oral, vaginal, anal is just like a 3 course meal... sometimes you want a bit more of this than that, but.... you always want to have more dessert... :)
  • no, i do it because its sort of a requirement these days. but, it just hurts and its aweful.
  • I like it because it feels different than vaginal sex, it also has the potential to give me an orgasm while vaginal sex alone could never do it. I don't know how often, whenever there is the "right moment". That is when my partner and I are not rushing to get to work, or have work, or there is people in the house, etc.. for example Sunday.
  • I want to. I've been trying a lot lately with my bf, but it still hurts a lot.
  • i dont want a cock but i love a finger or a toy
  • Ladies who are human beings should never and would never enjoy anal is sodomy and it is forbidden!!! It honestly brought tears to my eyes when i read some of these comments after googling d topic wen i found out a friend had started trying is against the bible and God did not create that orifice for that purpose....ladies please do not dessicrate ur body in that way..... i know it is bad enough that we commit fornication and engage in premarital sex of which i am also guilty but lets not compound is a brutal and inhumane act... What is this world turning into? it just goes to show how close we are to the end of the world.... Please desist from this terrible and painful act...are u people not even scared of expanding ur anal sphincter or losing muscle control over that area? It will soon get to the point where ull be walking on the road and poop will drop out of ur anus if u ppl keep doing this rubbish....ive heard of cases where people had to have multiple surgeries which wer both embarassing and highly painful in order to fix problems due to anal sex.....d people that advise u guys on how to ''thoroughly lubricate'' and ''slowly insert'' and all that nonsense dont tell u that part, which just tells us that they are demons in disguise!!! If u have to go thru so much procedure and care in doing it, then doesnt that tell u people that its not meant to be????? jeez!!!!!
  • Was the first to be ticked off in the "try once" list. *giggles* It was not easy for a long time, but it became better to great, eventually. We do it when ever it pleases, where ever, for that matter. *laughs*
  • NOOOO....i did it before and i dont think i have ever felt something so sore in my life.i was almost crying...but i told him i liked it because i didnt want him to think i was ass was bleeding after it.
  • Tried it for the first time yesterday, and I loved it! It hurt when he was inserting his cock inside me slowly in the doggie style position so I kept wiggling away from him which made things worse because he would have to start over. I decided that the best way to not wiggle myself away from him would be to try the missionary position, which made a big difference. He put his cock inside of me really quickly, instead of slowly, which surprisingly didn't hurt. He stayed put for a minute, so I could adjust to his cock, then he started swirling inside me and penetrating in and out slowly, until I asked for a harder fuck. It was awesome, so I'll be requesting anal sex from my bf every time we have sex.
  • Oh yes! I do! I love it as often as I can get it! I can have bigger, better orgasms throught just anal sex than through anything else, which I didn't think could be possible after the ones I get from my hubbie sucking on my clit but anal orgasms are amazing! Even now just the thought of my hubbie thrusting his cock in my ass is making me hot and wet! I used to only have anal occasionally because it hurt at first but now that we know how it do it right then I am usually begging him to fuck my ass when we make love but he will tease me by playing with my ass and getting it all ready for anal sex but then not enter me no matter how much I beg and plead! but then suddenly when I think I'll never get his cock in my ass he will make his cock 'slip' out of my pussy and thrust it straight into my ass really deep and hard - oh wow the sudden thrust of his cock inside me is amazing and I will always orgasm straight away from that, then he will carry on fucking my ass for at least a hour before he comes! - by that time I've usually come half a dozen times more! So what more could a girl want!
  • I experimented with anal sex after 10 years of marriage with my husband. He is very gentle and we engage in it only 3-5 times per year when the passion and heat of our intercourse is at its peak. Needless to say, plenty of lube and an atmosphere of raw sexual energy is required. I would suggest building up some excitement prior to the event. Click on for a great article on how downtime makes a girl horny.

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