• No, unless you get emancipated...but that is an entirely different story...
  • Doing so makes you an idiot regardless of the reasons why. Getting permission from your parents just proves they are bigger idiots.
  • Gonna get DRd for this I am sure, but I don't care. It is simply the truth. If you can't handle that, not my problem. Not without parent's consent, unless you have legally separated from them. On top of that, it is a stupid idea. Just what we need in this country, another high school dropout who will go nowhere but hourly wage jobs in a factory or food service industry for the rest of his life. Listen, I finished high school. I went on and got a 4 year degree as well. It is still a bitch to find a job. If you drop out and never finish high school, you had better practice making fries. After that, the best you an reasonably hope for is a GED ( which employers will laugh at you for if you try to apply for any decent job), and possibly a long road through community college or a trade school ( which may get you a job, but not even close to the quality you want, I am sure). Point is, finish school, quit whining. Alot of people who are not even smart enough to use the net like you obviously can have managed to do it. You would just be saying with your actions that you are a loser, and happy about that.
  • Frankly, if you don't even know how to look this up yourself online you may be too stupid to get a job.
  • If it is possible, you would be making the biggest mistake of your life. You will only get McJobs at best and make minimum wages all your life.
  • Wow. Sorry everyone seems so angry with their answers. No one knows your circumstances. No, a minor cannot legally drop out of school without a parent or legal guardian signing off on their declaration to drop out of compulsory school. Also, dropping out of school can interfere with driving privileges. For example, if you planned on obtaining a driver's license, and you drop out of school, that will no longer be possible. If you have a driver's license and drop out of school, the state of Florida will actually suspend your license. Here's the relevant law:

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