• Because he's not as dedicated to our country as he tries to beleive.
  • It's an email chain that says Obama refuses to put his hand over his heart when saying the pledge of allegiance for religious causes. Here's what snopes says about this: Here's the video when Obama says the pledge: I personally think he did a mistake, I'm not sure that he meant this.
  • I don't know if he does or not, I can tell you why I have a problem with it: - Pledging allegiance to symbols and abstractions (the flag, the republic) puts those things at a higher level of priority than universal values: truth, the health of humanity as a whole, the planet. This is an inappropriate hierarchy of values... universal values must supersede regional values to preserve true integrity. - The "one nation under God" clause is inappropriate. While I'm not an atheist, it's clear that separation of church and state is a requirement of the constitution, and the presence of this clause is so divisive and disrespectful of that principle that it chokes in the throat of many Americans. This was not an original part of the pledge, it was added under political pressure in the 50's. It needs to be removed. I think the pledge could be modified to make it acceptable, but in it's current form it basically commits one to nationalism and violating one of the key principles of the constitution -- both are divisive actions. If someone takes their word seriously, and understands the basis for universal values, the pledge is a badly broken declaration.
  • Probably because he doesn't know it.
  • I personally think that's a rumour. This link might interest you:
  • Its a rumor just like the rumor that he is secretly a muslim. Keep in mind that this is heavy politics season in the US so we all have to endure all the attempts by the politicians to discredit each other right up until the general election day.
  • This is an old misinformed news item, brought to you by the opposition. Each time it's told, it becomes more extreme and bizarre.

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