• I think the more important question is: Why would you want to?
  • Yes..BUT....the age of consent is 16 - if say, someone's parents find out and don't like the 18 year old, you can still go to jail. Didn't make sense to me either. But, it is what it is.
  • Finally, A statutory rape question where the parties involved are not separated by a number of years that screams "pedophile". No... wait a year. It will be worth it.
  • As far as I can tell, the age of consent in Michigan is 16, so yes, it is. However, you should -really- double-check this somewhere more credible... If you are the 18 year old and it turns out 16 is 'not' old enough, you can be sent to jail and be legally classified as a sex offender for the rest of your life... Statutory rape isn't worth it, lol Seriously.
  • Yes, unless the older person is a parent, stepparent, teacher or other person of authority. But you don't want to step on the parents' toes in the matter, because it's not hard to trump up a charge for some pi$$ant charge like contributing to the delinquency of a minor which, although not nearly as serious as a statutory rape charge, is still not something you want to deal with.
  • Yeah. I'm 18 and I fuck my 16 year old girlfriend. It's legal. But if she's a bitch then she can say you raped her though. So get consent down in writing or something. lol.
  • i am a mom of three young girls, i have taught them right from wrong, my 17 year old is having sex with a 20 year old i wanted him in JAIL, but the law says at 16 she can legally give concent.IT IS WRONG! these are just CHILDREN that the state has given control to. when i found out about my daughter, i grounded her and refused to allow her to see this so called man, if you ask me...he's a child rapist! she then had the RIGHT to leave HOME! shes only 17! i have this to say, IF your a young man who wants to have sex with a child or an old man..Id seek HELP! you do not want to become a father of a child that could be conceived nor be taken to the bank for support do you? i am so ashamed of this law. i wish more moms and dads would help and stand up to the state and do our very best to change these laws, because after all WE are indeed still legally responsible
  • your country is fucked up lol i say let anyone fuck anyone big deal lol just as long as they want to no RAPING or PEDOS sick freaks but if the two people like each other n wanna do it then go for it!! theres no harm
  • The technical answer to your question is yes, it is legal, BUT it is also legal for the prosecutor's office to still hcarge you for statutory rape (CSC Third Degree in Michigan)because legally the girl is still a minor. Do what you want though, spin the wheel and take a chance if that is what you choose, just remember, you were warned.
  • Okay...what if it's an 18 year old girl, with a 16 year old guy? Is there anything wrong with that?

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