• That the little elf in my house was real, and if I wasn't behaving he would tell Santa even if she didn't know and couldn't tell... Created a little complex, that everyone was out to get me!! :)
  • I would sometimes lie about who I was with, how long I would be out or who I was staying with. I also lied about phone calls I had made and attempts which succeeded in finding my real parents (I'm adopted).
  • "No really, the pants you're wearing which are too short for you look TOTALLY ok" and also "The mice get into your dollhouse at night and pretend they're people, just like a Beatrix Potter story"
  • Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy. The holy trinity of parental lies ; ) I hold nothing against them, of course; I had huge amounts of fun every Christmas, Easter, and days I lost my baby teeth : D
  • When I was really young, my mother would tell me that if I continued to be bad, she would set me out on the porch and call the witch to come pick me up. She was the sister witch of the witch Hansel and Gretel shoved into the oven and killed. She was really angry about this, and started a service where she collected bad children in her black van that had the letters P L U M B I N G on the side of it and ate them... (I was too young to read at the time, or I would have said "No mom, that's the plumber"... Lo and Behold! I was being really a pain one day, so she looked out the window, then snatched me up and set me on the front porch and said she was calling the witch... Wouldn't you know it, the plumbing van came around the corner (Mom had seen it around the block at a neighbor's house, and new it would be coming). I had a hissy fit and started beating on the door. Mom snatched me into the house and hugged me just before the van got me, and I thought I had been rescued. I was pretty good for a long time after that. Until I learned how to read.... :)
  • If I frown my face would get stuck that way...
  • If you cant do it right , don't do it at all -
  • Everything gets better. Try and you can succeed at anything.
  • that my skin would become lighter if i drank milk...lived in an all white hood..wasn't too crzy bout looking darking than EVERYONE else!!!
  • carrots make you see in the dark.
  • If you work hard & pay into social security you will have it to retire on when you get old & disabled. Also the harder you work the more rewards you will reap.......also my daddy told me he never smoked pot he just grew it & gave it to his friends......funny when he passed away there was pot in his system(man did I feel stupid for believing that)
  • That there was someone called Santa Claus. That there was a Tooth Fairy.
  • that u like whisky when ur a grown up. that only married ppl have sex that i was smart
  • my mother used to tell me that for every lie i told,i'd get black spots on my tongue until it was all covered and if i even told one more lie after that my tongue would fall off and i'd never be able to speak to tell a lie again......i'm still gettin nitemares 20 years on
  • The worst was, they put my cat to sleep, and my mom told my father to tell me. But my dad, who didn't want to see me cry or be sad, told me we were going to leave the cat at the vet, and pick her up later that week. Four weeks went by and I asked my mom when we were going to pick up my cat... Long story short I cried for hours. Also, my grandmother told me I'd grow up to marry a rich handsome man some day ^_^
  • Do the right thing and you'll be rewarded.
  • My mother lied to me about who my father was.
  • Almost anything that came out of my moms mouth was a lie.
  • They told me that Santa was real, The Tooth Fairy was real & The Easter Bunny was real - That's about it
  • That God hates people who masterbate.
  • I never lied to them, but I got in some trouble for being so honest lol
  • Finish the rice, leaving bits of rice will grant you a pimple-faced girlfriend.
  • The sperms on "Look who's talking" were germs you got by not washing your hands. and... God came and took the bowl of offering while everyone was gone.
  • Too many to list on this forum.
  • I passed this question several times before I finally thought of one. Once I asked my mom what pasteurized meant she picked up the carton of milk moved it to the left and then to the right and then said it went past your eyes didn't it? Apparently my mother was not much for telling lies. Thank you Mom! love you!

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