• 1. Yep. 2. A keyboard, maybe 3 guitars I think. 3. No, not recently.
  • yes guitar and butt trumpet the latter plays often
  • 1) Yes 2) Keyboard 3) Yes (badly)
  • Yes. My younger brother has 5 guitars I think. Hes plays them all the time. I dont know if this counts but my 2 yr old has a keyboard(yes a real one), a kids drum set, and a recorder(its a long whistle with holes in it in case anybody is wondering)...and unfortunately they are ALL used quite often=(
  • 1. Yes 2. a guitar 3. not at the moment.
  • Yes, Guitar, Keyboard, Flute and yes they are played.
  • Yes Two guitars & one keyboard Yes
  • Yes.Piano and harmonica.Not right now.
  • 1)Yes. 2)Keyboard, guitar, flute,tabla, tamborine, drum, bangos, triple-gun. 3)Except flute and tabla, everything else is played.
  • Just the one adult instrument, a digery doo, and no we don't play it, it's more like an ornament, even though it is a real one, an expensive good one at that.
  • Keyboards, trumpet, clarinet, ukulele, mandolin, recorder, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, and a steel drum. All but the steel drum gets played regularly. Maybe not so good, but still have a lot of fun making that delicious noise.
  • I still have my clarinet but I don't play it anymore.
  • 1.) Yes 2.) Piano, keyboards, violin, clarinet, saxophone, guitar 3.) All but the sax
  • Yes, Piano two guitars three recorders I've played the piano for a few years now and a while back I played the violin. I can also play the ocoraina and the recorder. I'm terrible at the guitar.
  • Yes guitar, bass, violin and djembe not right now, but yes
  • 1. Yep. 2. Electric piano. 3. Yep. :)
  • guitars both electric and acoustic drumset of doom keyboard organ ...........all played everyday
  • Yes, around 8 guitars (I think they're breeding); a keyboard and a recorder. We're playing a music DVD (The Stones) right now, though, cos they're much better at it than we are.
  • Yes 13 electric guitars, five acoustic guitars, three electric bass guitars, one modified upright baby grand piano, a ukulele, two harmonicas, and several spoons, if you want to count those. None are being played at the moment, but almost all of them are played on occasion. Some more than others.
  • Console piano - rarely gets played because I don't really like its touch or its tone. Electronic keyboard - gets played fairly often. Couple of guitars - put away - they don't get played. Flute - antique (older than 1900), wooden, German-made, signed. Belonged to my father. He played it. I've had it reconditioned. My son plays it occasionally. Zither, Washburn - antique (older than 1900). Belonged to my grandmother. I've had it reconditioned but not brought into playing condition because the strings might put too much strain on the wood. It's beautiful.
  • A piano(I play the piano), a clarinet(yep, play that to), a recorder(used to play that, still can) an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar(Fender Stratocaster. Cant play the guitar.
  • We have a violin in the house. My husbands grandfather made it. No one plays it now. We are holding it for my son. His wife is in the Air Force and he did not want to travel with it. He has a cheapy for playing now.

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