• I'm watching the Presidential debate right now, answering emails for work, trying to be helpful on AnswerBag, and posting on a blog. I wouldn't give so little attention to an action movie though.
  • Yeah. Right now, the TV is on, I'm here on AB, and I listen to a music video on YouTube. Heck I'm hungry too, so I'm gonna eat. See ya later!
  • As a matter of fact, I am on the Bag and listening to my favorite "Oldies" radio station. This is a sort of habit, though I sometimes have the TV on while bagging.
  • I can't really concentrate on two things at once. If I do something else while I watch TV, I lose track of what's on the television. I'm a horrible multitasker, but there are few people I've met that can put their entire focus on one task for as long as I can.
  • I don't watch TV all that much. The last time I watched TV was when I was at my brother's house babysitting his children.
  • I am here on AB and also watching Animal Planets about "Dogs"
  • Since AB I don't watch TV anymore! When I'm not on AB I am cleaning or doing paperwork. I like the quiet now and very rarely do I listen to music. Sadly though I didn't watch one Christmas show this year. I need therapy right?
  • yeah i cant just sit and watch tv usually im on the computer doing something too like this or texting or both sometimes
  • I took a test that said my right and left brain work together as a team (combined) and the test basically said I can multitask, does this answer your question? :P
  • I'm always watching TV while I'm on AB. As a matter of fact, I'm watching Jerry McGuire on TBS right now.
  • I am watching a movie made in 1942 and ABing. I always have the TV on when ABing.
  • hahaha,,, yep! i'm listening to youtube music video right now, scanning on my friend's list.. making a comment at the same time.. while talking to my mom..she bugs me everytime.. peace ;p
  • I cant do more than one thing at a time. I am easily distracted, then I forget what I was doing for a while.
  • I always watch tv and do the answerbag thing at the same time.
  • I am the ultimate multi-taker, a stay at home worker. I have a laptop which I take everywhere. I can even use it in the "throne room". I have a laptop table that goes everywhere I go, so I can watch TV while I am online. The only time I can't use the computer is when I am holding my 7 month old grandson, and he and I can watch TV together. I watch TV in the kitchen, while fixing meals and washing dishes, and in the bedroom before I fall asleep (watching the late night talk shows). It has a sleep shut off.
  • I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do..I watch it. On the other hand, since the TV is behind me..while I am on the computer, I listen to it.
  • I always have to be doing something with my hands..I actually make some decent money off of the things i make when i watch TV!
  • I almost ~have~ to be doing something else...commercials bore me to death.
  • Unlike the common couch potato person, I often watch TV while doing simple standing exercises, like martial arts stances and ankle flexes, or just slow deep breathing and arm "wing rolls", or Baoding Ball spinning ... none of my complex exercises, just the simple ones while watching TV ... also, often, like right now, I have both the TV and the computer on ... I am answering this during a comercial break during the 11:30PM evening local news.
  • TV and AB, TV and NWN, TV and homework, TV and bills. I rarely have the TV on to watch it. Mostly it is on for noise.
  • I AB, browse the internet, read, lots of things tbh.
  • Yes, I usually read...TV just doesn't hold my attention.
  • I look through Magazines.. but when a favorite show is on I pay attention.
  • Focus? Don't need no stinking focus! Watch Tv and Answerbag all the time. PBR is on now and that's good for 8 seconds a view. :)
  • AB. . .solutely! Even though I am a TV addict (and don't get to spend nearly enough time watching or being on AB), I have to have something else to do while the TV is on. You can tell when I'm watching, because I'm on AB. Tonight is TVland and Just Shoot Me!

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