• Muslims extremist are violating the Quran on daily basis, so I would say Allah is not happy with them at all.
  • Depends on who you ask. And that is the crux of the problem.
  • No, I find it hard to believe that a religious figure who teaches about respect would favor those who do mindless killing over those who follow his written word on a daily basis.
  • There is no Allah.
  • in my opinion Allah isn't happy with muslims who kill innocent people and don't follow Quran teachings very well. We should respect other religions. Extrmists are probably uneducated that way.
  • I would not imagine that God /Allah thinks well of those that maim and kill the innocent.
  • I don't think Allah has any more love to people who kill innocent people, and claim it was because of him. He probably isn't happy with them, hence, doesn't respect more than a Muslim.
  • I believe that Allah is not quite happy with the extremists. Most of them are not following the Quran standards in the first place.
  • Whoever answers this will be claiming to know Allah's mind, won't they? Who knows what Allah thinks? We can just decide what WE think. Personally, I think lining them up and shooting them early serves two purposes - they don't f*cking kill any of us and they all get to shag their 72 virgins sooner.
  • The problem here is understanding of the word extremist. If we take Islamic attributes of being pious, generous, caring, hospitable, friendly, mindful of duties, etc etc and we apply the word extreme to them then we get someone who is extremely pious, extremely generous, extremely caring, extremely hospitable, extremely friendly, extremely mindful of duties - sounds like a great guy. Who wouldn't be pleased with such a person. Most of those who have answered have taken an extremist Muslim to mean someone who kills/maims innocent people. Perhaps such a person should be called an extreme anti-Muslim or extreme Blairite or extreme Bushite, or whatever, but not Muslim. We could all do with more extremist Muslims as defined above but not Blairites or Bushites extreme or otherwise.
  • Aren't they the ones who get the 72 virgins in Paradise? That`s some welcome for somebody Allah wouldn`t respect.
    • borasalama
      Where does the Qur'an say people"get the 72 virgins in Paradise?
  • Hmm! Never met the camel jockey in person, but I'm sure he provides all prayer carper so to make the bowing more comfortable - 5 or 6 times daily I think, but quite honestly couldn't care less!
  • No more than God respects White supremacists more than regular supremacists.

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