• They should do it from grade 1 to prepare them for high school lol
  • After some of the convos i've had with people today Yes. Defintly.
  • One of the best ideas I've heard in a long time. This should be a part of every curriculum in the country as far as I'm concerned. Critical building blocks in a child's development and ignored on a formal basis for far too long. We continue to do so at our own peril.
  • As a teacher, I have always felt that such things belong in the home, not at school, where there is only limited time to teach basics. However, since many homes are failing their students, at risk students should be targetted to help them break the cycles their homes instil into them.
  • I think it would be a great thing to do with high school students!
  • If your idea was done properly, it would be wonderful. Unfortunately, I have seen examples here where they try to build self-esteem by lowering the standards to the lowest common denominator. The poorly performing student is given the same praise and recognition as the student who excels in his work. The same mistakes applied to self image (heavy make-up and wacky hair styles are acceptable), and the students are being given the same non-graded credit for sloppy, misspelled 'journals' as for the well-written papers.
  • Wouldn't work. The "in-cliques" would rip a new a-hole on any students taking the class seriously which would hurt their self esteem. This idea has pǝɹıɟʞɔɐq written all over it.
  • Not a good idea in my opinion. People have been going to school for centuries without being coddled. I think that would just be another victory for the PC people. Everyone has issues, and everyone has problems. There are enough kids graduating high school as it is unable to read. I think school should focus on education, sports, and music. Anything else is a waste of taxpayer money, as it defeats the primary purpose of school. All kids have issues, especially through their teens. If they had classes like that it would just give them more information about how they can use their issues to play their parents for fools. I am getting sick of all the "waaah waaah, I have problems, and you should solve them" mentality in the US these days.
  • Ahhhh. I'm too shy to say.
  • There is an elementary school in our area that does that. They also focus on manners, bullying, and respecting of others as well!
  • yeah that sounds so good, i never thought of that but a lot of girls dont have dad's around and maybe that class would make them feel better about themselves.
  • I think they need a week to get used to that rectangular piece of food that the cafeteria calls pizza.
  • Personally, I feel that the public school system intrudes far too much into the personal lives of students in the name of promoting things like "Self-Esteem" and "Mental Health" already. I'm all for developing interpersonal skills and self-esteem, but it's the job of the public school system to educate children, not raise them. Not only making things like "Self-Esteem" priorities in public schooling put strain on a system that's barely making due as is, it would also be a real infringement on the rights of parents to raise their children how they choose. And in my humble opinion, it's better for people to learn from their life experience rather than government-sanctioned classes (especially when their ciriculum on the matter tends to include a fair amount of social indoctrination which is far from unbiased).
  • No,I can parent my own child.
  • I think Middle school should only. I home schooled through middle school only went back to public school and fit in fine with the exeption that I am not into alot of the bad habits they're into. Middle school it the most crucial time in a childs life.
  • Not at all. What are we leaving the parents to teach? Let schools focus on what they are supposed to do and that is teach the 3 Rs.
  • Never too early to teach communication skills. The other stuff you mention is fluff.
  • Good idea in theory but things like that cannot be taught in a class. It's just like all of these character building classes that are being taught now. A lot of my students self-esteem, communication skills, etc are improved by my regular in-class activities. A special class for it is redundant and not helpful.
  • I'd like to see it, as I would have taken alot from it.
  • I know there are psychiatrists and psychologists that offer training in self-esteen issues and how to counteract bullying. Don't think there is enough money in a public school budget for this.

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