• Maybe just tell him that you don't mind her being there once in a while but that you would like some alone time with him...
  • It depends why his mother is there in the first place. If she believes in being the chaperone, there is nothing much you can do if you don't want to lose her trust. If his mom is just there because she wants to be, I guess you could say something along the lines of, "____(her name)___, I really do appreciate your company, but I would like some alone time with ___(your boyfriend's name)___." If you want to make it effective, it's better to mean it so that it can be believable and also offer that she can tag along sometimes. :)
  • well it depends on how old you are. Maybe the mom is tagging along because she doesnt want her son to be alone with a girl because she's still trying to protect him...also just tell him you want to spend alone time with him before you guys hang out and dont really bring up the mom just say you want to be alone.
  • Hey girl, I know exactely what you are going through as I am dealing with the same situation. I have discussed this problem with many of my friends and hopefully our answers will help you. First of all your boyfriend is the one that needs to set boundaries with his family. He is 27 and should be man enough to do so. He needs to tell his mom to back off in a straight foreward way since she does not seem intellingent enough to realize this herself. Tell your boyfriend how you feel without giving him ulitmatums. Say something like "I love you and want to date YOU not you AND your mom" If he truly cares about you and loves you he will talk to his mom. If he is too scared to do that well then he is a wuss and who would want to date a wuss..? Also analyze your boyfriend and his moms relationship. If it seems way unhealthy and unatural you might want to get out before you are in too deep. These things dont just blow over by themselves. And if you are annoyed now, just imagine how horrible it will be if you guys got married..!! You dont want to come off as a crazy jealous b-atch that doesent like his mom so just tell him that you really like his mom (only if you do, dont lie) and that you want to continue having a good healthy relationship with her and that you are afraid that this might not be possible if you have angry feelings towards her coz she is always with you guys. If you come off as sympathetic he is more likely to talk to his mom, and if the mom ends up being all needy and emotional you will seem even more normal and stabile. If he's smart he'll pick the normal stabile one. And if he still doesent get the hint, invite one of your parents on your dates and see how much he likes that. Hope this helps a little. Hang in there! I know this sucks. And if he doesnt man up then there are other REAL men out there just dying to be with you!

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