• Maybe you could plan a visit? Go see said person and if you hit it off, continue what you're doing and it might bloom into something bigger? I'm convinced that there's nobody out there for me, but i refuse to just " settle " for less than my standards. So alone i will stay..
  • Hell, I'd go for it. If I found a person like that, I wouldn't let something as minor as distance deter me. Finding a person like that is rare and letting him/her go because of too many miles is crazy, IMO. One can always move. :)
  • I'd go and see them.
  • Being the idiot that I am, I'd wait for them
  • Did find her and am waiting(its been 10months without seeing her). I am not waiting passively though. Saving all I can to fly back and see her.
  • love will find a way ...
  • if i found someone perfect for me then i would wait for them
  • If it's real love, then it's definatley worth waiting for! After a divorce of 18 years of marriage, I happened to reconnect with my first boyfriend that I dated all through junior high. I was absolutley CRAZY over this guy (you know, the "one guy" you never got over?) Turns out we're both still head over heels for each other. Problem. He lives 7 hours away from me, and we both have 2 kids and a career. But you know what, he's worth waiting for. And until then, we see each other when we can (it's been almost 4 months now though, yuck.) But we talk for hours nearly every day. Solution! We just found on called "Meet Me In...". It's under their last minute deals. You put in two different departure cities, and it shows you the destinations that currently have a hot deal which includes matching flights and hotel, plus a rental car. Sometimes you can find a really GREAT deal! This could make for some very romantic weekend rondevouz! You're never gonna know if he's "the one" if you're not willing to take the risk. :-) "Tis better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all", right?
  • I agree with everyone so far -^_^- Wait for me, and we'll be together more than soon enough. You'll see. It'll fly by.
  • Go for it!! I did and it going really well, we are 5000 miles apart but talk every day and see each other every few months. The first week apart after each visit is painful but then we start planning our next time together and its exciting. That time you do have is the best! Distance can't stand in the way of true love!
  • Well if they were great is there no way either of you could move to be with the other? Life is short sometimes we must take risks.
  • My first boyfriend is like that. We were together. He ended it. I had a hard time getting over him. I didn't think I was kidding himself, but it seemed as though he thought he was kidding himself after awhile. He told me he wanted me to find someone else, in my own city. A new boyfriend. Someone else to love. Supposedly this would prove to him that I really love him. Wow, that hurt... I don't recommend this for everyone, but if both of you are willing to make it work, it CAN work.
  • Well, almost 10 years ago, I thought I had met someone like that. I lived in NY and she lived in Washington state, about 3000 miles away, and 3 hours away in time (zone). We talked all the time, and I really did love her. We maintained a relationship over the phone and instant messaging. Eventually, I started flying out there every month for a weekend and a day or so. We would cram all the stuff we couldn't do remotely with each other - mostly sex. :-) We broke up after about 5 or 6 months in total, mostly because the strain of the distance was too much for her, and she may have had other reasons she didn't share. I would have waited, and at one point I would have even moved, for her. But now, looking back, 10 years wiser and more mature, I realize a part of the reason I loved the relationship so much was BECAUSE she was at a distance. I need a lot of space, and she couldn't help but give that to me. We almost certainly would have broken up if we were living in the same city, maybe even sooner. I'm differentiating between my love for her and my love for the relationship - two different things. I did love her, but my reasons for loving the relationship went beyond that - the distance was a positive for me. But even if I'm unusual there, I don't think anyone can ever ignore the fact that this "perfect for you" person just happened to live too far away. It's always worth some deep self-analysis to try and see why that is, if the distance is a factor at all. Some may be like me, preferring distance, or others may feel excited about having a problem (distance) to conquer "for love". There's nothing wrong with either of those. It's just good to keep in mind, because it's very easy to not realize these subconscious factors.
  • We never REALLY know someone until we have lived with them, and then I'm not sure we really KNOW them! ;)
  • I would definitely, definitely wait, and just be thankful that such a person even exists at all. Time and distance may make things a little more difficult than a "normal" relationship, but if this person is really perfect for you, it will be worth the wait. Plus, there's always the chance that if things pick up steam, you or your S/O could move.
  • Im kinda in the same situation, i really love this girl but she lives far away from me and im also about to go to boot camp for the Marines, but im willing to wait and i believe she is too cause we love each other so much,, if its true love your after, take a hold on to it and try everything in your power not to let it go, if you give it time ya'll can work things out and move in together
  • I would wait for them...or do what I did, move closer to them...which if you're too young or currently having to finish something, then I'd wait for them and hope that they would wait for me too
  • I'd wait for them. If someone is that perfect for you then it's worth the wait. You have to make the distance thing work. Tons of people do it everyday, so it can be done.
  • Yes, I did.. and I may have come on too strong.. we were seemingly perfect in every way down to the little tiny bits of info.. the chemistry rocked and she called me babe in every sentence. Held hands at bedtime. Cuddling and talking.. I told her I like her..she says she likes me too.. we had sex.. told her I 'really' do like her the next day.. and now she says she doesn't feel she can commit to anything.. I asked her what department was lacking, so she says she jus knows it wouldn't last, and doesn't even want to go there! So I said jus you want to move along? She goes, well I'm not totally over it. We can still talk and stuff. I'm not totally over it... then goes on to say I guess jus friends, unless we later decide to be more. I said well this is confusing, basically.. and she apologized for not being able to give a definite answer. We had the long-distance convo before and agreed that a great thing can't be separated by distance. I'm totally breaking to pieces trying to figure this one out. Should I give up? I like her so much and I love the city she lives in. I'd be willing to relocate if it came down to it.. I hate where I live. How should I approach her, with her being so distant and not initiating texts or calls...? Help. :(

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