• It was good; lots of suspense if you like that kind of thing, you almost want to yell "take it and get out of there!" A lot of whit and humor too; go check it out.
  • Dont know yet, I spent 2 days downloading it and it was a strange war film! Damn Limewire!
  • I think it got better as the film went along. I would personally wait for the video to come out. I took some of my nieces and nephews and in the end they liked it. For myself I felt like I paid to have a history lesson seasoned with a shallow mystery given to me.
  • I thought it was surprisingly good... I can't compare it to the first though seen as I never saw the whole thing.
  • I was disappointed in the end. I was really excited to see it because a portion of the film was done where i live in South Dakota. Now tourists are going to think that the lake depicted behind Mt. Rushmore is there but in fact it is maybe 15 miles south which is really in front not behind.

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