• It's often used to mean that there are plenty more people worth dating out there and that there is a good selection of people to choose from. Your ex wasn't the only one.
  • It usually refers to the idea that there are many more guys/girls out there to fall in love with.
  • It means that the preceding statement he had uttered sounded something like "You smell like a fish" and he was left standing alone.
  • There are plenty of fish in the sea There are lots of potential mates in the world. This saying is often used to console a person who has lost a girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • There are lots of people looking for dates or a "significant other". There is even one website with that name:
  • "Proverb there's plenty more fish in the sea There are many more potential lovers out there. - Usage notes This is mostly said after at the end of a romantic coupling, and a friend is cheering up one of love's victims. It may also be used after a rejection of courtship or discovering ones crush has been taken." Source:
  • You don't have to settle for any partner/mate/lover/spouse because there is plenty of potential available in the world.
  • the term there are plenty more fish in the sea, is used as an expression for those who are breaking up or separating it is used to save face meaning that there are more people in the world to go out with, despite the fact that the person saying it is grieving for the one they lost or going to loose. my experience says that there are plenty of women out there, if i could look past the one i lost.

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