• You need to read the fine print of your lease also. Keep copies of every letter you write and call a lawyer. I would even record them making the racket and perhaps call the cops on them a few times.
  • No matter what your lease say, when renting the place to you, your landlord gives certain warranties with it, one of which is "quiet enjoyment". If warranty is breached, such as in your case, it may be considered by the court as wrongful constructive eviction. Definitely call a lawyer because I think that you will be able to get your deposit back as well as damages for wrongful eviction.
  • The answer depends on whether the landlord can do anything about the noise. If the parties are thrown by neighbors who live on property not owned by your landlord, you may be stuck.
  • Been there. Landlord and police didn't care, any communication with the neighbors made it worse. It was bad enough to affect my health and I got a doctor's note stating this and that I had to leave medically. That forced the landlord to break the lease. I did not get my deposit back because, I am guessing, he messed the place up after I left... or just lied. I was in no way up to fight that battle but, if I had, I'd taken dated pictures before I left. If you're up to the fight, photograph every inch on a camera that lists the time and date.

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