• yes, one of my friends had hurt himself and we were waiting in the A&E room; it was late at night and we were the only ones in there, and there was a wheelchair sitting all alone in the corner....
  • If I want to roll around for fun, I have rollerskates. Wheelchairs are for people with physical problems and to make it into a go-cart for kicks shows a lack of respect for those that rely on them for mobility.
  • I did it often before I come to need it. Now, use it per need,. But it is still fun to roll
  • Yup, and it was fun. Popping wheelies is the bomb!
  • yeah when i was little i used my uncle's chair and now i use my mom's.
  • every time I have been in the hospital..LOL :)
  • I was in a Wheelchair Basketball game for charity with my Marine Division to benefit disabled vets. The Opposing team were all disabled vets in wheelchairs. We got a week of 2 hr. practice sessions and then the big game. They whooped our arses 21-4:)
  • Yes ... back in 1977, after waiting for a long time to buy concert tickets to BTO, the only ones left were for wheelchairs, when it was finally my turn to buy tickets ... so I bought the very last 6 tickets to the concert, then borrowed 6 wheelchairs from a hospital and borrowed a friend's dad's painting company van, and we drove to Edmonton from Red Deer for the concert ... we fooled around in the parking lot on the wheelchairs and even rode them back and forth to the bathroom during the concert.
  • Yes, I own one, we have races all the time.

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