• Old School, I just read the specifics of Prop 91 and I'm ROTFLMAO! The pols are going to do what they want to do anyway, aren't they? To answer your question, the only other whacky example I can think of was when the Federal Gov, by virtue of the Interstate Commerce clause, invoked the Endangered Species act about some critter that didn't exist outside of Arizona.
  • I just read Prop 91 myself and am very confused... My first inclination was to be highly suspicious. Does anyone know why it's even in the ballot? At the risk of revealing some embarrassing degree of naivety: why would a piece of legislation which NO ONE supports be placed on the ballot? I mean, it seems no one even submitted to argue its case in the guide. I thought I would vote against it because of the anticipated instability of funds to public transportation, as opposed to roads, expanding highways, etc... Public transportation is, I think, the most important issue and the best investment in a transportation budget, and right now I think our system is in a sad state. But I still felt a bit unsure, so I went on-line to research the proposition further, and I found that a non-profit group called Southern California Transit Advocates (aimed at improving the public transportation in that area) endorses a YES vote, and I will let you go to their site to see their reasoning, as I'm so confused by now I don't consider myself up to the task: Thoughts? New information? Anyone? ...Help.

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