• The deepest single-drop mining shaft in the world has been sunk at the South Deep gold mine, owned and operated by Western Areas Gold Mining Company (Johannesburg, South Africa), located in Westonaria, Gauteng Province, South Africa. The shaft, with a depth of 2991.45 metres below the collar, has taken almost seven years of sinking. The deepest mine in this region is currently Western Deep mine, a network of tunnels which penetrates 3.5 km into the Earth crust. But technology is constantly improving and the South mine is currently being deepened to 4.1km. The Western Ultra Deep Levels, affectionately known as 'Wuddles', is planned to go down 5km in the next few years. Side note - The deepest part of the earth (1512 miles deep) is a solid that contains both iron and nickel. It is because of this that the center of the earth is a magnet, a compass. It generates a magnetic field that protects the earth from flying out of orbit. .
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