• Emerald, by its weight, is the most valuable and thus expensive gemstone in the world. However, it is much harder to find an emerald without noticeable inclusions than a diamond, so when shopping for stones, diamonds will often be more expensive. Emerald is one of the five precious stones, which are usually the most expensive: diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst.
  • The most expensive gemstone is the red beryl (aka red emerald). These are the rarest of gemstones. Because of their rarity, the prices of these stones can be over $5,000 per carat ( This is opposed to emerald which is (as of this writing) is going for less than $1,000 per carat ( Red beryl has a very intense raspberry to ruby red color that is derive from manganese in its structure. Gem quality stones are only found in one place in the entire world, South Western Utah. (I have actually been to the mine.) It's not a very big mine and there are not many people that that work it. The original owner of the mine (the Harris Group) was a small family operation that made millions working the mine just a few days each year. For more information on this gemstone Google "red beryl" or "red emerald".
  • To correct Kristen's answer, Amethyst is not a rare or expensive stone. It's in the semi-precious category of gemstones. Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire are the only stones considered to be "Precious", though I do feel Alexandrite should be in the precious category.
  • Referring to the answer to the most expensive gemstone in the world, What would you value a natural uncut ruby/diamond/saphire that weight about 4.5kg? Do you have any idea what it is worth?
  • The most expensive gems are known as the "Big Four". Diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. But there are many kinds of stones worth calling "precious". For example; alexandrite, black opal(Australian and Ethiopian), jadiete jade(the most expensive stone in Asia), Tanzanite(zoisite) and Tsavorite(green garnet). But a great care must be taken when purchasing stones. There are times when even a Diamond gets very cheap, cheap as a piece of a cheap walkman. Intensity of a color, its depth, carat weight, tranparency, type of the cut if its a finished stone and ofcourse clarity. I guess I just mentioned the four "Cs" to value gems. If one has a great intertest in gems, whether for collecting or business, I advice to join GIA, Gemological Institute of America, number one in its kind responsible for setting the first Diamond Grading formula in the world. For more info on please visit or you can contact me just for advice at or Thanks, Brook
  • Next to certain rare colors of diamond (such as blue, pink and red), jadeite is the world‘s most expensive gem, with prices above even ruby and sapphire. The record price for a single piece of jadeite jewelry was set at the November 1997 Christie’s Hong Kong sale: Lot 1843, the “Doubly Fortunate” necklace of 27 approximately 15 mm jadeite beads, sold for US$9.3 million . Indeed, out of the top ten most expensive jewels sold worldwide by Christie’s in 1999, five out of ten were jadeite, including three of the top four. These auctions clearly show that jadeite is among the most valuable of all gemstones. The most valuable jadeites are those of high translucency and rich Cr-green color. Nephrite has little value as a gem in and of itself, but carvings can be quite valuable.
  • The natural fancy vivid red diamond is far and away the rarest and by far, most expensive gemstone on earth. An 8.01 carat ruby was purchased in 2005 for 2.2 million. The 5.11 carat Moussaieff Red, a shield cut fancy red (not even vivid red)diamond is arguably the most valuable stone on earth per carat. At auction it could exceed 2.2 million per carat. A vivid red of the same size would be in my humble opinon priceless. Suggesting amethyst at a laughable 50.00 per carat, for sheer perfecion, compares with any of the top 4 is beyond noobish.
  • Isn't the hope diamond still the most expensive?
  • Natural Fancy Vivid Red Diamonds are far and away the most expensive gemstones on earth. Nothing comes even remotely close to them in price. A perfect, IF Natural fancy vivid red diamond (has never been graded by any lab i'm aware of), would, in my humble opinion exceed 5 million USD. per carat. The famed Red Shield would be worth 30,000,000.00 or more. That stone is just over 5 carats. There is no 5 carat stone on this planet that could compare in monetary value to that. Second to natural fancy vivid red diamonds are natural fancy vivid greens, these too are exceedingly rare in pure green states. The 45+ carat Dresden Green is, in my humble opinion the single most valuable stone on this planet. It is truely priceless.
  • It's all just corundum.
  • i believe natural rubies is the most expensive gemstone. compare to diamonds, sapphire and emerald. good quality rubies are very rare. we can easily find diamonds, sapphire and emerald of superb quality if we have got the money but try to find rubies, i bet it will be extremely difficult to find.
  • The diamond in the scepter of the crown jewels of England is the most valuable. its worth is incalculable. its over 500 karats and was cut from the great Collins stone.
  • Flawless blue diamond, the most expensive gemstone in the world, sells at auction for £4m
  • Per karat, I believe the ruby is the most valuable. ...Mental Floss. Gotta love trivia boad games.
  • No, actually diamonds are NOT all that expensive compared to other gems. De Beers (diamond marketer) keeps them in vaults to raise the rairity/price. Rubies are actually sapphires, but are called rubies once they turn red. They are usually around the same as diamonds. One of the most expensive is the Alexandrite gem, which sells for about $30 000 and up for only 1 carat, where a diamond sells for about $1 000 to $2 000 a carat. BUT the most expensive gems are in the guiness book of records, you cant buy them.
  • Rubies are only sapphires turned red, any Crystallogist can tell you that. The only AVAILIABLE gem that is most expensive is the Alexandrite, which is the real birthstone for June. Most goldsmiths and jewellers will not carry it because most of the time you can only find lab-made, synthetic, or pulled Alexandrite. it it around $50 000/crt
  • I think the most and rarest gemstone is alexandrate. It's valuable and expensive as it is hard to find. As of the origins, i think it could be found in the high altitude mountains. However, i have seen some rubys that turn the water in red, but alexandrite, i haven't seen it though. i had just heard it so far.
  • Pariba tourmaline or Alexandrite
  • IDK but the one that woman threw into the Ocean in the Movie Titanic looked awful valuable. That drove me nuts. All the people who could have been fed with the proceeds from that and she just threw it in the Ocean. I know, I know.....just a movie, but still............
  • diamond
  • The correct answer all depends on the meaning behind the question. As for the most expensive SINGLE gemstone? It's going to be one of two stones at the Smithsonian. Either it will be the Hope Diamond or their 65.7 carat Alexandrite. As for what is the most expensive gemstone type, it is the Alexandrite. Top specimens of this stone are worth $100,000USD per carat.
  • the most expencive and rare jem stone in the world is a Painite stone.

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