• Its quite simple but takes practice and experience to get it perfect. step1:call an audience over to watch. Make sure not to tell them what your about to do or they will automatically be looking for how you are doing. As a begginner thats not good. step2:Stand where you are at a 45 degree angle to the audience, with your left foot farthest away from them, and your right closest. step3:Using your left foot (the foot they shouldn't be able to see if you've done it right so far) slowly raise up on your toes where you are standing tip-toed. As you raise to the tip of your toes, slowly bring your right foot up at the same speed you are bringing your left foot up to your toes. Don't go to high, or they will be able to see you standing on your left toes. there are two ways to do step 5 step5a:Slowly lower yourself down again and then turn to where your looking right at the audience and put your hands in the air and grin like the boxers on tv do after they win, or... Step5b:Fall down like it took a lot of energy and look like an idiot, then stand up and look at the audience with no emotion on your face at all like David Blaine does. With experience you will get to where you know the best clothes to wear, and the best angles and hieghts you can go before they figure out how you are doing it.
  • Very well.
  • Its my secret, I don't release it!
  • Drugs or self-hypnosis. Magnets sometimes.

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