• Circa 1987, after Beastie Boy Mike D started wearing a hood ornament around his neck, teenagers across the U.S. started stealing ornaments from cars, in imitation of the rap star. Though Mike D wore a Volkswagen symbol, kids seemed to prefer those of Mercedes and other luxury vehicles. (Washington Post, June 23, 1987) This has been found to be the most factual answer for the question.
  • Great answer RabbitChaser, I know that when I was young, I thought that Mercedes cars had really cool hood ornament designs.
  • Since Hip-Hop originated from predominantly lower income settings in the early 70's, it was not uncommon for pioneer rappers like Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, The Fearless Four, the Treacherous Three, Run-DMC, and countless others to rhyme about driving luxury cars like Cadillacs, Mercedes-Benzes, BMW's, Porsches, Lincolns, etc. These brand name automobiles represent the attainment of success. When Hip-Hop gained momentum in the 80's, it was not uncommon for people who embraced the culture, especially rappers, who by this time were signed to major recording labels and earning larger salaries, to be seen wearing enormous 14 carat gold jewelry, or "truck" jewelry, namely chains and medallions, wrist watches, and rings that bear all sorts of logos, namely the Mercedes-Benz star. Now with the continues success of Mercedes-Benz along with the increased wearing of platinum jewelry, the Mercedes star continues to make its permanent mark into Hip-Hop culture.

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