• Depending on the area you are in ferrets range from $99-$130. I paid 120 for mine, I have three, but the thing to remember when acquiring a ferret is that they are NOT cage animals. If you cannot allow them to be out of their cage at least 1 hour a day-you shouldn't get one. Ferrets can become territorial and will bite if not socialized. Also, there are various companies that have ferrets for sale, but if you want a quality-well handled ferret with a guarantee you should only buy a Marshall's ferret. Hope this helps, good luck.
  • i payed $110 for mine. but that didn't include his cage and stuff. it was worth it though.he's too cute.
  • I paid $130...and as of right now... Shes worth it!! :)
  • I paid $99 from a petco in my town. I visited 2 petco's a petland and a small petstore. The petco i bought my ferret from handled the ferrets for 1/2 hour each morning. My young ferret does not bite because of the training she did with her. She cupped her snout in her hand and said no every time she nipped. My carpet skunk is a lover and is very playful. I have had her about a week and she has already taken to me. She is out of the cage for a minimum of 2 hours each day, more because of my kids interest in her. I highly recommend buying a marshall stretch bell collar. You will always know where she is at when she is out, which will allow you to let her out for longer periods of time without having to worry too much if you have ferret proffed your home.
  • I got an AMAZING deal, $50 for three ferets, all cage accesories and a ferret nation cage the biggest ones they make, food vitamins. But on average they are $99 and the cage is $200-$250, hamocks are about $6 you should have 1 per ferret at least. And food, fodd is exspensive! its like feeding your cat or dog only the best food. Its about $12-13 for 5lbs you shouldnt feed cat or kitten food and liitter bgoxes too more if you plan to let it loose most of the time
  • Buying or renting?
  • I got all 4 of mine from Petco. I found a shelter after I bought them. I paid about $100 for them and they had there first set of shots and were spayed and neutered. If you have a shelter in your area always buy from them first. There not looking for a profit there looking for homes. About the biting. My ferrets DO NOT bite! They bite you when you first get them because they are testing your boundaries (what they can get away with). If your thinking of getting one think about getting at least 2. And get "Ferrets for Dumbies" BEST book Ive read about ferrets!
  • I paid $140 for mine. But I found a shelter in my area and the ferrets there are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots and the adoption fee will be $75 at the most
  • on average the price is from 100 to 300

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