• Lake Pipes are (or were) an aftermarket chrome exterior exhaust system made by Lake maufacturing in the 50's and 60's. Commonly called "Side Pipes"
  • lake pipes were side pipes that (if you removed a cap) allowed for unrestricted exhaust for racing, but you could replace the caps and have a normal muffled system... now-days, they do not function and are only for style
  • "Lake" pipes, also known as cut-outs, were exhaust pipes that, when their cover plates were removed, bypassed the muffler(s), dumping the exhaust gasses to the sides of the car, very near the engine. They were usually short extensions of the exhaust "header". When one ran a car for top speed at the dry lake (Muroc, Bonneville) the cut-out cover was removed to reduce back-pressure through the system, thus increasing power.

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