• Round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran.
  • Any activity that achieves attention for alliteration is allright. Tony told me to take that tag to the tailor today.
  • Dewdrops Dancing Down Daisies By Paul Mc Cann Don't delay dawns disarming display . Dusk demands daylight . Dewdrops dwell delicately drawing dazzling delight . Dewdrops dilute daisies domain. Distinguished debutantes . Diamonds defray delivered daylights distilled daisy dance . Wisdoms Wings By Paul Mc Cann Wise words wait, while whiskey with water will whet Wexford whistles wonderfully . Wisdoms weaver works with wit , while writing words with whispering winds whooshing wildly . Whiskey without water . Without wondering, why where words wasted . Within walls . While whiskey went well without water, While wit was wringing wet . Writing wisdoms wings
  • The battle for best bassist.
  • Am amused at alliteration after ample alcohol
  • tiny tits tend to be tastiest
  • Big boobs bend back bones
  • Alice adores applesauce and alliterating awesome adjectives, also.

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