• Good for them! The holidays are the worst time to bring a new family member into the house IMHO.
  • I think that's just fine by me. I'd never buy a dog or cat from a pet store anyhow, but I know that many people would go there first when there are thousands of lovely pets available from shelters and adoption centers. I'm glad that someone was able to put their income on the back burner in order to do what they felt was the right thing.
  • Good, commendable decision in terms of caring for animals that are in need of a home. Very poor decision business-wise, unless they're counting on selling a lot of pet food and accessories.
  • It's not completely unprecedented, I know a lot of places won't do rabbits around easter and i've heard of some shelters not doing puppies around christmas. But good on the pet store! A lot of pet store animals come from skeevy places, but it's good to see the store take some interest in the welfare of their "product."
  • There should be more Pet Stores that do what yours did. So many times people buy the pets on holidays and it is extremely stressful for the pet with all the activity..then after the newness of the pet wears off they want to get rid of the pet. They did not do their homework on how to care for the pet ahead of time, what to expect from the pet and all the ups and downs that come along with them. That Pet Store is showing they really care what happens to the animals. That is so great!
  • It sounds like a good idea to me.
  • I think thats excellent!
  • What a truly unselfish and benevolent act. They are to be commended. So many animals need homes from rescue operations in addition to shelters and adoption facilities. The German Shepherd my sister and I got for our mother for Christmas is from a rescue operation. He was neglected and underfed and will now have a good home. Yes, we did discuss it with Mom before we did it.
  • A very good sensible and wonderful idea, that will save a lot of heartache.
  • shit eh!! I don't believe it ...conscience before the mighty dollar... quick I need to sit down before I faint from the shock!..... bloody good on them :):)
  • Yay! I worked as an animal control officer once. I've seen the scores and scores of wonderful and beautiful animals who need home and I've seen what happens when homes can't be found. There are enough pets for everyone; we don't need puppy mills and breeds so pure they develop genetic weaknesses. And with sales pet accessories in the billions, pet shops should be able to stay in business without selling animals. My Christmas is just a little merrier now.
  • I agree and think it's a wonderful idea. Cheers for them! Our local animal shelter does something similar and it won't adopt out cats, particularly black ones, right before Halloween.
  • That's amazing how they're putting good will before profit, it kinda reminds me of liquor commercials saying "please drink responsibly". I have to give them a big thumbs up!
  • good for them. Getting a pet is a decision that should never be taken lightly or on a whim. Our shelters are already overcrowded with animals abandoned by people who didn't think it through, and then were either overwhelmed with the responsibility or "disappointed" in their new pet. Or even worse, think about how many loving animals have been euthanized because they were purchased on a whim, and then the person was unable or unwilling to care for them, and then they were given to an already crowded shelter........
  • Great idea! If they had any staff members on answerbag, I'd rate them up immediately.
  • A pet store is not the best place to buy a cat or dog in any event. look to licensed private breeders.
  • I've always adopted my pets through the Animal Rescue League.
  • sounds like a sensible idea. thats good they have morals not just in it for the money.
  • WOW, thats really good. And to do so during this time of year. They must really care about cats and dogs rather than turning a buck
  • that is such good news. I hope some national chain dog stores take up that policy.
  • Its great to see someone who cares more about animials then profit :-) If I wanted a pet in the new year I would shop there.
  • What a wonderful idea. If people really do want to give a pet, they can give a gift certificate and then when these stressful busy times are over and people can think straight, THEN they can see about bringing a new furry family member home.
  • I dislike pet stores selling pets. They say they care for them, but I can't see how they can be when the pups are walking on wire floors and napping on thin material. I have always gone to the Adoption centers/shelters to get my pets. I have not had a bad experience yet. So, YEAH! for the pet store holding off pet sales until after the Holidays. Put your money to better use by adopting at your local Adoption Centers/Shelters. Keep going back until you find what your looking for...:o) PS: The pups/kittens at the pet stores will eventually find their way into someones home somehow, so don't feel bad passing them by.
  • I think pet stores should never sell cat's and dog's. Over here in the UK it was outlawed a number of years ago. No more fluffy puppies with their paws at the window. Thank God.
  • I think it's a fabulous idea, and wish that more would follow suit. I don't think that buying pets from pet stores is a ever good idea for several reasons, one being supporting the puppy mill industry. Considering the idea of impulse buying, this is especially common during the holidays. IMO all breeders should be liscenced which would help cut down on the over population of animals (helping to curb down the 'back-yard' breeders thatt sell animals to make a quick buck, with little or no regard to the future welfare of the animal.
  • Fabulous!!!!!! :D

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