• Is your keyboard set to US/EN? Installing US-International Keyboard Open "Regional and Language Settings" in Control Panel... Select Languages Tab > "Details..." button. Make sure your default input language is English. Click "Add", then select "US-International" keyboard and "OK" your way back out.
  • okay that just happened to me (again) and i found an answer. it's cuz you pressed ctrl + shift at the same time by accident. hold down the ctrl + shift again.. hold it for a while, like 10 seconds, and you should get ur ? back. É before ? after
  • nope doesnt seem to be workin :( the only i find that works is closing my browser or whatever other program im in that uses text and then reopening it and it works. it also messes with the apostrophe key and makes this symbol: è . Looks the same as the ? one, but this è has a different accent. THis is the apostrophe one: è and this is the ? one: é
  • You must have a weird keyboard. I've never seen that before.

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