• Tab is short for tablature. It's a notation, written left-to-right and indicated which string and fret are to be depressed. It's as simple as music instruction comes. Example, off the cuff.. a folk E chord ------ -X--- ---X- ---X- ------ ------ Generally, X = fretted, - = open, O = muted
  • Guitar tablature is a notation that uses numbers (indicating frets) instead of musical notes to indicate what note should be played. So it tells you where to play the note instead of what note it actually is. For example: --0----0-------------------- --0--------0---------------- --1------------1----------- --2------------------------- --2------------------------- --0-------------------------- The top line represents the thinnest string, high E, and so on down to the thickest string, low E (two octaves below). Here, the tab shows that you must strike an entire Emaj chord, then play the open first string, then the open second string, then the third string fretted at the first fret. There are many additional symbols used in tab that indicate different ways of making sounds on the guitar, but that's another question's answer altogether.

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