• I prefer to do things for myself, to be honest. It's not that I don't trust other wait, that's entirely the reason. =P
  • if i can do it myself i will do. but sometimes we all need help. i will have a go at anything
  • It depends...Sometimes i'll DIY but most of the time i'll have others do it for me
  • We hate others doing things for us. We fix just about everything ourselves and we have even completely built our house, or at least most of it as it isn't quite done yet:-) We just like things do right and it's great fun for us. It is much less frustrating to do it yourself, you know it was done right, and it costs only a fraction of what it would if we paid someone. PLus we gain more experience in doing things. Here's our DIY project so far :-)
  • The latter
  • I try to fix everything that needs it myself BEFORE asking for or getting help .... I'll even pay to get it fixed when I can before asking someone I know will / can fix it for Free ... +5

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