• Maybe Earth will. Humans, animals and plants won't.
  • lol i would REALLY doubt it! what sites are you talking about? any inparticular?
  • Yeah...Earth can exist without the sun. We just won't.
  • Well some website are full of crap in a literal sense. The fact of the matter is is that the sun will envelope it's inner planets when it expands to it's red giant stage. The Sun will eventually engulf the Earth, give Mars a good roasting, and then collapse into itself into a white dwarf. With no gravitation to hold the outer planets in orbit they will spin off into the galaxy. Eventually the Sun will burn out and our solar system will be but a memory. This event is three billion years down the road on the galactic clock. Mankind will long since be extinct before this event occurs, so I wouldn't worry about it. But around the time our Sun disappears forever, our Milky Way Galaxy is slated for collision with the Andromeda Galaxy. This epic event will end all life in both Galaxy's. Yet the good news is that they will combine together to form a new galaxy and give life a chance to renew again, billions of years after the initial collision.
  • That is rubbish. When the sun dies, it will have to expand as part of its life cycle. It will consume the Earth with it too.
  • LOL! No, I don't think there's any possible way. Without the sun, the Earth's temperature would drop to pretty much the same temperature as space itself... which is something like -300 degrees...? I forget exactly how cold. MAYBE if we rebuild civilization underground... there are ways of growing plants artificially, true enough... but pretty unlikely.
  • There is one rare possibility. When the sun starts exploding to become a dwarf, anti-gravity will sweep through the solar system. The gravity bond which kept the earth to rotate around the sun gets broken and the earth starts its journey into space away from the sun. The anti-gravity wave that emanated from the sun will act on the core of earth which has very large amounts of heat in the form of molten rocks. This heat will keep earth reasonably warm until it is attracted by another star. There is a possibility that many living beings may survive including humans.
  • no, we are definately dead.
  • no way that can be true the planet will become scorching and all humans will burn to death ):

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