• I think he is a dog.
  • According to, Goofy is a dog.
  • I was asking the same question this weekend at WDW. He is a dog.
  • Goofy is a dog
  • He's a dog. What else does he look like?
  • A dog, but he barely qualifies. now pluto, he is a dog.
  • "Goofy is an animated cartoon character from the Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse universe. He is an anthropomorphic dog and is one of Mickey Mouse's best friends. His original concept name was "Dippy Dawg" in cartoon shorts created during the 1930s; then his name was given as "George Geef" or "G.G. Geef" in cartoon shorts during the 1950s (implying that "Goofy" was a nickname). Contemporary sources, including the Goof Troop television show and A Goofy Movie, now give the character's full name to be Goofy Goof. The Goof Troop pilot also refers to 'G. G. Goof' on a diploma, likely a reference to the original name. Along with being not extremely intelligent, Goofy's main flaw is, predictably, clumsiness. On the map in A Goofy Movie that shows the trip that Goofy senior and his father took, it says that the map belongs to Benjamin Goof, most likely the given name of Goofy's father." "Disney has needed to deal with a certain amount of confusion concerning that fact that the anthropomorphic Goofy, and dog-like Pluto often appear on screen together, yet are the same species. On their web site it's stated that "Goofy was originally created as "Dippy Dawg" and "was created as a human character, as opposed to Pluto, who was a pet, so he walked upright and had a speaking voice". Somewhat adding to the confusion is that Goofy is name "Dingo" in the French version of Disney cartoons. However, Dingo in French can be translated as something akin to "nutcase"." Source and further information:
  • he's a dog.
  • He is definitely a dog.

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