• Yes My last name is unique. After a divorce she is no longer entitled to use it she can go back to Smith or Johnson!
  • Not really. She wants to hang onto it, she can. If she remarried and kept it, I might be a little less than happy, but I wouldn't be angry.
  • I wouldn't be angry, but i wouldn't be happy about it. If i remarried (which is something i hope will happen in the futre) then i'd have to explain that my ex has her name as well, bleh!
  • YES,I'm so angry because my ex doesn't take away my last name. I don't understand if she said she can't stand my family. she shouldn't have anything from them specially our last name
  • No. She has used that last name for half her life, and the most recent half at that. Why should I add name changing to the problems of divorce?
  • yes ...I demanded my ex's stop using my name and they agreed ... if your no longer married to that person then all parties should revert to their pre-married names (maiden names if you will)
  • I didn't care what she called herself. She decided not to keep my surname.
  • I'm not a man, but I don't understand why he would be angry as she is entitled to it after joining with his family and giving up her name in the first place. giving up your name, using a man's, using it for her business, her banking, her credit, everything attached to his name. It would make sense to me that it should be up to her if she wants to go through all the trouble to get hr name back.
  • I am a woman and I would keep my husband's last name if he got rid of me because I have been writing it for more than half of my life now and I like it.
  • Would you be less upset if she never took your last name & just kept her maiden name through out your marriage?
  • my husband's first wife kept his last name...only problem is that she is giving that name to her new children...they havent been together in 5 yrs!
  • One thing that no one has mentioned is children from the marriage. My ex-wife kept my name and never remarried. We have a grown daughter. My ex kept my last name so that she had the same last name as our child. That is common and acceptable. I have a cousin who has divorced her husband, no children, after 25 years. She has so far also kept his name. So what? That has been the name she has carried most of her life. I so no problem there, either. My wife has not changed her name. She does hyphenate on some documents but has yet to 'officially' change her name to the hyphenated one. I couldn't care less. We got married late in our 40's. Everything she has is in her maiden name. I can't imagine what a hassle it would be to have every title, credit card, ownership document, etc. having to be changed. I think she will probably get around to changing her name to the hyphenated title. I think the hyphen is a good thing, since people that she has known her whole life can still 'find' her by the name they know. Why should a woman give up her whole identity to take another's name, anyway? I certainly wouldn't change my name for her! Whether she does or doesn't is unimportant to me. We both know we are married and that is the important thing. The title doesn't matter.
  • If i were married then divorced, she could have half of my last name. How's that?
  • If I requested the divorce and she didn't do anything wrong, then she deserves to keep it if she wants. If she request the divorce or has done something to cause it then she should give it up!
  • I am not a man and we had no children, but I kept his last name because a)it really annoyed him and he was a jerk b) the paperwork to go back to my maiden name was too difficult (mostly related to my employment).
  • No.....not at all. I have a 4 year old daughter and would imagine she would want to keep the name. Glad this came up....time to talk to her about it.
  • When I got divorced 4 years ago, it was written into the divorce agreement that my ex-wife resume the use of her last name. (Our child was 19 years old at the time.) She has not yet resumed the use of her name. The big problem is that she is a scumbag and continues to drag my family's name through the mud. All ties to my name should be cut, as per the divorce order. Can I sue her? Yes, I am angry.
  • No I wouldn't. I gave it to her when we married and she accepted it then and has the right to keep it no matter how things work out.
  • Me and my ex decided it was important for me to keep his last for the sake of the children, I have had the name for 25 years, that is how most people know me.
  • I would think if there were children of the marriage it would be very important for the women to keep her married name.
  • No kids and no wife and she still uses my last name. It doesn't really bother me that much, except for the fact that I lost an opportunity to make her life more miserable in the divorce (changing your entire identity can be a real pain in the ass paperwork wise). Hadn't thought about it in a while. Time for a little research...can I force her to change her name...oh, this sounds like fun:)
  • Well my husbands ex-wife took his last name back after her third divorce (this was the marriage after him). She never told him she took it back and her and the kids were lying to him about it. He found out only after he saw a document signed by her. The 3 months later she remarried for the 4th time, so when she gets this divorce wonder who's name she will keep? No I don't agree with this
  • No, it's her name, she would do what she pleases.
  • Oh my god - my ex-sister in-law did that to my older brother and he was pissed cause he was getting remarried and they had been divorced for five years when she did that I was like wtf when he told me

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