• With respect to this, it depends on how good a printer you are. I have seen business cards that were obviously printed by individuals. These did not look very professional. So, if you can afford it, I would recommend getting you card printed professionally. It's been almost two decades since I had card printed, but at that time it really didn't cost much for a single box of them. However, if you just can't afford them, then go a head and print your own. I don't know how much the quality of the business card really matters when trying to close a deal. Personally, I like to think that I would make decisions on more substantive criteria. However, I don't think that good cards would hurt. *********** "Red John: With a good printer, only the perforations around the edges of the card would give it away." Yes, you could do a pretty good job with a modern printer. (The non-professional cards that I saw were made before desktop publishing.) The ink used would also give away the fact that your card aren't professional. The type of ink that is usually used on professional cards is much thicker than that used in and inkjet printer. So, when it dries, it leaves behind print that is raised up above the level of the surface of the card stock. It is raised even higher than the print from a laser printer. Additionally this ink dries with a glossy sheen. So, this would also give away the fact that the cards aren't professionally printed. However, these differences are relatively minor compared with the over all look of the cards. Especially when compared to the self-made cards of which I was thinking. The real problem with doing your own these days is getting them neatly and consistently cut to the standard size. (Most printers won't handle card stock that is already cut to size.) If you want a lot of cards, then it would probably be more cost effective to let a professional make the cards rather than spending your time cutting. If you only want a few, then it might make more sense to make them yourself.
  • Well, I think it is a bit unprofessional. It jsut seems to me that when a business card is printed, that business may be amatures and not exactly have all there buttons in a row if you know what I mean.
  • I would not do that while working for someone because it is not your company. But if I owned a business, then sure, it is one good way to advertise. If you have a good printer and materials to do it, go for it- save $ and show your artistic side :-) that's hot! otherwise have a professional do it.
  • You can find reasonable business cards online. You probably would spend more money for the ink than buying online.
  • You need to get it from the company you work in.If you have your own business or if you are self employed,you can print yours.
  • I don't know what business you are in, but I would recommend that you get them professionally done. As the eyes are the window to the soul, your business card is to other professionals
  • There are many programs out that allow you to print your own professional business cards. If you have a staples or office max in your area check them out, they can assist you with card stock (the best) and the best program
  • I've seen 500, two color, Business Cards by PROFESSIONAL Printers around here for just $19.95 including a logo .... That isn't too bad considering it is a professional job to promote you and your business ....
  • have them printed

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