• Look up the word emancipated.
  • Being a minor, means you have no control over moving out of your parents house. Minors cannot make this decision. if they do, they are arrested as a runaway. Until you turn 18, your parents are responsible for feeding, clothing and providing a roof over your head. Running away is a dangerous move. the world is full of perverts that prey on runaways. Ever see the Hawks in Hollywood? they prey on runaway girls and start them into prostitution. I know you have more intelligence that to fall into this trap. You are not alone. many teenagers face this decision every day. thankfully, most pass through this phase, without being arrested.
  • If your parents are unfit, you can contact the Department of Children and Family Services. They will observe your parents and your home life, and then decide what to do. They may recommend family counciling, or they may take you from your parents and place you with a foster family. You may end up going from one foster home to another, living with other troubled children, till you turn 18.

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