• plainly? just talk to her...probably get her with a group of her friends and you have a group of friends of ur own...walk up to her and her friends say hi whats up and hopefully your buddies will start with the jokes and just go along...girls don't like much flirting at first casual fun convos is the best ways to go. say funny stories with your friends and ask her and her friends about thier funy stories and stuff like that.
  • Yes, like Avatre Lynn's answer. You get a group of your friends, talk a little, don't flirt or do any too strong moves. You can go to the movies, your friends and her friends and spend lots of time. Go out for pizza, but don't go alone with her until she feels comfortable around you. Take it slow and eventually she'll start likeing you.
  • Just be yourself, get yourself up and introduce yourself, talk to her and let her know you wanna be friends than let her know how you feel, show her that now that you know her better, there is nothing else you could want except to be with her.
  • 2-7-2017 Every time somebody says "Just be yourself" I want to throttle them. That is such worthless advice it is a crime to speak it. It means "Just be perfect, and act like it comes naturally." A man needs acting lessons to deal with a woman. My advice is go to a book store and ask for Elizabeth Browning. Then you can ask a girl to listen and be your voice coach.
  • What everybody like to talk about most, themselves. That sounds a bit sarcastic but it's totally true. Ask her stuff about what she likes, what's her favorite thing to do, does she do any sports, what are her favorite classes / teachers, and when she says what she likes then ask her all about that. Ask for her opinions on everything and whatever you do DON'T turn the conversation around to focus on you or criticize ANYTHING she says. Everybody likes to talk about themselves so it's hard sometimes not to want to talk about yourself but focus on her and you will win her over.

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