• I dunno my ex was polish and for all her other faults was very, very bright...
  • I didn't know they were. The Polish people I've met have been bright enough.
  • I've always wondered about that too. My nephew's father was Polish and they are both very intelligent.
  • I've never heard this!!! The Polish are a very studious people and not afraid of hard work!!! My uncle is a professor at Warsaw University - yes, they have Universities in Poland!!! I have always considered them a highly intelligent people.
  • Answer by G and not by me: "You just don't get it. Where I come from if you're Jewish the non-Jews call you a 'canarsie-jewish-bastard' behind your back for many reasons: jealousies, not true hatred but the sentiments of 'if you're not like me, then you are wrong' which is the basis of so many untold deaths in wars."

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