• only certain games will install its self onto your hard drive (This will happen automatically. unless you buy/download them from sony's website via your ps3 account.
  • the only program you can copy ps3 games is to order or download something from the internet for 29.97$its called game copy pro.with 2 clicks and its copied.and you dont need a modchip! first step:insert game.and press copy second step:get the game out and insert a blank copy to blank dvd rom. third step:your finished
  • Yes you do need PS3 Game Copy Software to get the job done. Once you have it, It's as easy as 123. You install the software on your PC, read the instructions, get some blank disc and start copying. Here's a link to a review, check it out.
  • did u get the softwear let me know steve i think its bs if not call me 845 2250452 thanks
  • I don't Have Blue Ray Burner , Can I use my DVD Writer to Copy my Games Link Konami Wining Eleven 2008 it's As I know Blue Ray not DVD?????
  • If you are talking about full games then it is not possible to do this, however it is possible to copy game saves and video to another Ps3 hard drive like when you are upgrading your Ps3 hard drive. If you are talking about backing up your Ps3 games then you will need to backup to your PC first using DVD Decryptor or similar to make an image before burning it to disk or you can find one step solutions on the internet like this one
  • Steve, Why would you give out your phone number...? If someone did tell you how to dump to HD I doubt you could do it anyway... You cant copy blu-ray disks with a standard dvd burner. Even if you had a blu-ray burner, PS3 disks are equipped with a chip the PS3 will read to ensure the game is original. GOOD LUCK!!! PS3 will be hacked but not by you steve
  • The Game Copy Pro software is BS. It is a scam. If someone can prove to me it works. I will buy it, but until then no way!!!!
  • game pro is a total scam...its all ads tech help is b/s and theres no prog. to down load its all just links to othere site and blog sites...don't waste your money like i did!!!!!!!!!!!
  • game copy pro is a pile of shit! i got a blu ray burner and nothing can rip a ps3 game so far and i have a re writeable and hae tried allsorts, there is no chip on the disk for copy protection ( far to expensive for them) the hardware is there but the software isnt!!!!
  • Ok guy you can not Burn Ps3 Games at all They have a chip inside the disk and console to read if its the real copy NOW for you guys that are buying {Game Copy Software game copy pro} this softwere ONLY WORKS FOR PS1 PS2 PC it dose NOT work With XBOX XBOX 360 OR PS3 You can Burn Xbox with A flash Drive But Over ALL YOU CAN NOT BURN PS3
  • Well you need to go to, it shows how to download ps3 games and movies. And it comes with the software you need and its compatible with any and every version of the ps3. I use it all the time and I dont pay for games any more!
  • why don't one of you share your Game Copy Pro software so some of us can test it.
  • sounds too good to be true. anyways, please share your Game copy pro software and i will test it and respond with results.
  • morons buy this software ImgBurn is free and has never been sold by LIGHTNING UK!
  • Going to try this tonight. Install yellowdog os & boot copy the disc install megabox iso player Play games saved on external hd
  • you can burn the infomation off the disc to your computer but good luck formating the info to disk i.e (on to a blu-ray disc) you need a blu-ray burner, then a blank blu-ray disc more than 25gb at least 50gb because you can not compress any sony playback files because the ps3 will not read the disc and just spit it out. Not as easy as cds and movies so save your paychecks and save your self alot of time and just keep paying for those games for now till eventually there's away around it but i would expect it soon may some crazy chinese crack and good luck reading that mess
  • I paid for "copy that game" and got a program that does not work and no support, no answers to emails, i was completely "had"
  • you cant, Ps3 discs are pressed with a special barcode on the disc (and some sort of chip i think) which the Ps3 needs to read in order to play the game.

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