• Well maybe a bit of both. See your mind thinks that they are working so your body reacts to your mind or thoughts. And since that there are actual vitamins then it's probably that too.
  • Multivitamins are definitely beneficial. You have to take them with food, of course, because your small intestine will not absorb the vitamin and mineral content beyond perhaps 5-10%. Ask your FP doctor next time you see him/her. Certain nutrients like Folate and B12 can be immensely helpful for people under heavy stress such as those in high school.
  • That depends on your diet. If it's vitamin deficient then yes the vitamins helped your body feel better (not placebo) if your diet and body was well balanced, then the added vitamins would have no healthful effects on your body and may harm it in which case any good feelings would be from placebo effect.

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