• It depends on how many games they have left to play and the teams that they play.It is unusual for a team to not win a game all year ,but it is possible if the talent to win is lacking.
  • Anything is possible. There's four weeks left in the season. They'll have to play against the NY Giants (7-4), Buffalo (5-6), Baltimore (4-7), New England (11-0) and Cincinatti (4-7). They could possibly beat the Giants, Buffalo and Cincinatti but there is no way they'll beat New England.
  • They have five games left. They might beat the Jets or the Bills. No one else will give them a chance. It would be cool to see winless Miami beat unbeaten Patriots in week 16.
  • Buffalo and Cincinnati are the only games where they stand a chance. I would say that at this point - their chances of winning a single game this season might be 50-50 at best.
  • They'll beat the Jets for sure...but that's it.
  • Surely they will stumble in to ONE win ... but I think they may be going for BOTH records (17-0 and 0-16), so they can open 2 bottles of champagne each year. LoL!
  • The Dolphins have finally won. They beat the Ravens in overtime.
  • We won in overtime 16-22!!!

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