• They are both totally emo.
  • They are so not emo well panic at the disco yer but no fall out boy pff lmao band there cRaP
  • No, while they may appear to be from an Emo Scene, neither Bands Classify themselves as "Emo".
  • Panic! they are so emo, Fall Out Boy cannot be considered emo, their lyrics and clothing don't go with that whole stereotype at all
  • Isn't all music emotional? What can be considered 'emo'?
  • No reason for the neg, +5. I consider both Emo, but really am still not clear on what "Emo" is, exactly.
  • Neither are. Although, they may wear similar clothing and do wear some makeup, they are not emo. They do not cut themselves or believe in the devil or what not. They are simply punk rock bands.
  • LMAO. Fall Out Boy = NOT EMO Panic! At The Disco = NOT EMO Why? Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic! even said, "We're not emo." Plus, if you listen to their lyrics compared to a REAL emotional hardcore (yes, thats what emo stands for) band, theyre almost polar opposites. Most people mix them up for being "emo" because they wear tight jeans. Fall Out Boy is probably mistaken as "Emo" because of Pete Wentz. lol Some of their old songs could be taken as emotional hardcore, but i think their new stuff is more influenced by Hip Hop and Pop. So heres the deal: Panic! At The Disco- Rock / Big Beat / Techno Fall Out Boy- Pop Punk =]
  • EMO music stands for Emotional Hardcore. Bands like Rites Of Spring and Fugazi crafted the base of Emo. Based on those two bands alone, there are no comparisons except for the fact that they all use the standard guitar/bass/drums setup. Bands like Promise Ring and Lifetime (only in the later stages of those bands) may be the closest thing to Fall Out Boy. Even bands that started out emo, like Jimmy Eat World and My Chemical Romance, have transcended and have become pop-rock and rock, respectively. Fall Out Boy started out pop-punk and have since integrated hip-hop and other pop elements into their music. They have never been emo. Panic! At The Disco has crafted their own style of song-writing, a mixture of pop-punk, rock, and vaudville. They are not emo. Furthermore, the definition of emo music is pretty specific, and unfortunately has transformed into a very broad description of popular rock and pop-punk music. Some would say that Weezer or Cartel are emo. But again, they are not. Weezer is straight-forward rock, and the closest they have been to emo is their album Pinkerton but that album can not be categorized as emo. Cartel are pop-punk/rock and will never be considered emo. Recently FOB's Pete Wentz's record label Decaydence signed Lifetime, a band that could have been considered emo a decade ago. After their reunion they have been influenced by modern music (and probably their signing to Decaydence) and have become more pop-punk. I would say that FOB's association with Lifetime is the closest they have come to emo. Sincerely, Someone who pays attention and doesn't watch or conform to what MTV tells me when they actually do talk about music. Seriously, what happened to MTV News?
  • erm, neither are.... their pop-punk. pancic is more techno rock pop. their a bunch of crazy genres.
  • Neither,Simly neither
  • No, vocal similarities to modern Emo (not the proper stuff) but lyrically and in lots of other ways Fall out Boy are pop-punk (although i hate to say it) and Panic! are just kind of a pop-rocky thing... But whoever characterised Emo as wrist cutting and devil-worshipping is painfully wrong (unless they are taking the piss...)
  • If you read October's Playboy , with an interview of Pete Wentz you'll will get this. Fall Out Boy is emo. One album they made fun of emo but are still emo. and to tune you in , Pete Wentz says hes "half" gay.

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