• cuz vacuums are heavier
  • Witches used to create potions (actually more like creams) that had hallucinogenic properties to it. They would rub them on a broom handle and insert it into an orifice, where the drugs were absorbed. Afterwards they were said to have "flown off the handle".
  • Because it's like that and that's the way it is. See video:
  • um hang on I'll just go and ask the missus ...she's just landed!:)
  • Cause they are cheaper for us to run than cars!!! lol
  • The correlation between brooms and witches is not noticeable until the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Before then, witches were depicted astride shovels, sticks, forks, hurdles, and demon-animals. Eventually, witches were shown more on either demons in the forms of animals or on brooms. At first, the brush end of a broom (or faggot), was pointed downwards so the witch could "sweep her tracks from the sky." This is the stereotypical image we still see on the verge of the 21st century. Nevertheless, by the end of the 17th century, the reverse was true. Witches often rode with the faggot-end up, with a candle in the faggot to light the way.
  • cause vacuum cleaners suck
  • because the broom is a wiccan tool to ward of evil spirts and the mythological stories came from that.
  • I see a lot of superstitious reasons for the broom. Here is what I know. Brooms were often used to beat vermin and mice/rats out of the crops in olden days....Society was agrarian in nature. Incidentally when spending a lifetime working with crops the skin can take on a greenish hue to it. This is one possible explanation for the green skin of hags. Back to the topic...beating away these destructive creatures with the broom was thought magical practice often the circle is cleared with the beesom (broom) to sweep away negativity. Well, this practice became associated with witches. The hopping on the broom as it looks likre this from a distance in the wheat fields simply gained a little more altitude as time went on. Witches therefore are said to ride great distances on brooms to join eacother in secret ritual or haunt there unsuspecting innocent targets.
  • Because Samantha Stevens from "Bewitched " could fly away with Esmeralda or her mother Endorra when pissed at Darrin her husband.
  • I believe it is because they would sweep with intent to remove negativity, and somehow it became flying to some peeping tom or something
  • because there not that heavy to carry, as to a bike or a motorcycle.
  • some Gothic carecter was an old man who fleww around but naked on a broom stick! in some old witch book, i think i saw it on wikipedia
  • because women do the housework (?)
  • Witchcraft practitioners have something called a flying ointment. It was often associated with a broom. Some of them were made using the end of the brooms handle. Having made it in the past - I have used the broom handle for it. If you're wondering the ointment is used to fertilize plants in my garden. Not sure why it works, it just does. Others use it as a form of flying (physic protection) for when astral traveling.
  • Why do lepercauns upsess over gold ... they just do.
  • Demonologists, as they were called, from the medieval ages believed that in order to become a "witch", an official pact with Satan had to be concluded, and that such was done through a sabbath held usually somewhere away from civility. Witches, in order to prepare for this, would rub strange homemade creams on their bodies which rendered them invisible, (So as not to be spotted during night travel-there are also variations, which suggest that this cream turned them into wolves.) and then would take flight by use of a small rod enchanted by the Devil-usually the butt end of a mop, a hoe, a broom, even a spoon would do-and stick it between their legs. This made them fly, so that several witches at once could travel huge distances and gather on the Sabbath site. The Canon Episcopi was a witch recognition guide written in the ninth or tenth century, I forgot, and is basically responsible, to this day, for the stereotypical image of the witch.
  • because they're like old maids kinda
  • I do not know but, they should NOT fly and drink. :)
  • The broom is a tool used in the Wicca Practice

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