• I used to love Enid Blyton books, The Famous Five were great :-)
  • The most common were children's books, although before I could read, I took a go at Grey's Anatomy.
  • Streets and Roads and More Streets and Roads. They were the very best. I was encouraged to read, mostly by myself, and the journey is never ending and quite fulfilling as it goes.
  • We were encouraged to read and I read a lot as a child, and still do. I remember reading all the Nancy Drew books and some classics like Treasure Island, Anne of Green Gables and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I also read every biography in our local library and everything by Mark Twain.
  • I was not encouraged to read any particular kind. I grew up reading Jim Kjelgaard, Walter Farley, Homer, Carolyn Keene, and so on. By the time I was in 6th grade I was reading over 600 words per minute, officially. As I got older, my parents used to jokingly complain about me "always having a book in your hand." But better books than drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. And they were about the same price. (except comic books, now those are NOT worth the price for a 5-minute read for me) Most of my family are not avid readers, unfortunately. But a few of us are, and encourage the next generations to read as well. In any direction they want.
  • I loved to read The Hardy boys and did so cause I wanted to.
  • I read anything..even comic books. My mother was of the mind that it didn't matter what I long as I read. I still read anything. I have a wide variety of interests.
  • I wasn't encouraged to read by my parents, they didn't read books at all. My teachers encouraged all of their classes to read. When I was in elementary school, I read quite a bit, I don't remember any of the books now. I thought the library was a great place, I would check out at least 4 books at a time.
  • I used to love Roald Dahl books - I was a typical kid in that I revelled in all things grotesque and his books really pander to that. I loved "The Twits" and the description of all those really horrid characters in "Matilda".
  • I read everything. My mom tried to limit the kind of books I read, but she couldn't be with me 24/7 and if she didn't want me to read Mandingo, then I knew it was one I wanted to read. So at 12, I did. I also read Grapes of Wrath at 12 and became a huge Steinbeck fan. During the summers I would read one to 3 novels a day. I became a chubby kid! I still have bookshelves full of my favorite novels, but my eyes have gotten weak and it is uncomfortable to read now. I miss it more than you can imagine.
  • I was allowed to read pretty much anything I wanted. And I read a LOT. I was one of those kids who took books with me EVERYWHERE and was lost without them. I remember packing for camp in the summer - about half of my suitcase was clothes and toiletries, and half was books to read for the two whole weeks away! These were some of my favorites, when I still read "children's books": Where The Sidewalk Ends (I knew these poems backward and forwards!!) The Phantom Tollbooth Maniac MacGee A Wrinkle in Time (my favorite book ever!! and the sequels too) The Witch of Blackbird Pond Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH A Little Princess Where the Red Fern Grows (**SOB**) Harriet the Spy Island of the Blue Dolphins Anything by M.E. Kerr, Norma Fox Mazer, or Judy Blume I eventually started raiding my parents bookshelves and reading anything that looked interesting.. a few books that I read many times included A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Jubilee Trail, and Robert Heinlein's YA sci-fi books. I read my mom's copy of Gone With the Wind and I think she was a little nervous about that, but she let me read it anyway. I read all my dad's sci-fi books although I couldn't understand them really until I was older. Loads of fantasy books too, like Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey. Some of that stuff was total junk - I adored the Dragonlance books when I was 10, but I read them again as an adult and they were terrible!! Eek. I also used to devour Christopher Pike books in a matter of hours, borrowing them from friends because our school library had banned them. Remember when that was a big deal? Before Harry Potter, it was stuff like "Die Softly" that was destroying our fragile little brains... ;) But basically, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on - and I still do!!
  • As a child I read everything from Dr. Seuss to the telephone book. I read encyclopedias and newspapers before I started school. Just a voracious reader, I guess. If I did something wrong, my mother used to punish me by telling me I couldn't read for a week.
  • I never had to be encouraged to read. When I was little, I read a lot of the "Golden Books" brand. When I was a preteen I read a lot of Goosebumps and Fear Street books. Now, I read a mixture.
  • I was aloud to read anything we had at our house and everything my Aunt had, I read many books long before I was old enough to be reading them. I still read all the time and a variety of authors
  • I read a lot as a child with a great deal of encouragement from my parents. During most of my youth we lived on a farm so going to the library was not an option. I read school books and when I was about 8 my mom bought a set of World Book Encyclopedias. I read them all the time, they fascinated me. I remember when I was issued my American History book in school which was the textbook we would use for the entire school year for that subject I read the entire thing in about 2 days. I just loved to read.
  • I wasn't encouraged to read and the library was across town. What did I end up reading? The only books in the house- trashy sex novels.
  • I always loved reading for pleasure but never for work whether it be school or otherwise. My favorite books as a child were the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasies. I also liked Star Wars and Star Trek spin-offs. As an adult the best I ever read(fiction-wise)was Dan Brown's Angels&Demons, I just couldn't put it down, I literally read it straight through(mostly) and I'm not a quick reader by a long shot.
  • I read everything I could get my hands on when I was a kid. I particularly liked mysteries. There was one series, not a mystery, that I read called "The Five Little Pickeralls and How they Grew." It was a great series. There was another series about a family who solved mysteries in Florida, one of the books in that series was about solving a mystery in the Everglades. I can't remember the name of that series for the life of me. If someone else is familiar with it I would love it if you would tell me. Thanks.
  • I read the "American Girl" series of books quite a lot as a young girl. My mom started out reading them to me and I took it from there. I still have a box full of them hidden away somewhere, though these days I'm into more big girl historical fiction.
  • I was encouraged to read a lot since both of my parents were teachers. I remember my mom reading to me before I could read. As a young elementary child, I remember reading Curious George and Dr. Seuss, the books with Ramona, The Bobsie Twins. As I got older I remember reading The Little House on The Prairie Books, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden and books like that. In middle school I started reading Judy Bloom and Paul Zindel books.
  • i remember reading agatha christie and nancy drew, i really liked the mystery genre. i was very encouraged to read since i didn't have a television growing up.
  • i wasn't encouraged at all but my brother loves to read so i just took his books, the ones he allowed me read, so i don't have an specific kind the one i loved was Alice in wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass, from then on i just kept on reading.
  • I read Wuthering Heights when I was 10 years old
  • I read horse books ( black beauty, misty, black stallion, ect), little women, house with seven gables when i was 8-11 yrs old, i studied greek mythology, egyption mythology, hauntings, paranormal(facts) 14-18 years old. Now spiritual books, and still paranormal.
  • I was a very young reader. Dr. Seuss was the begining. I read all the Nancy Drew series when I was eight. That was one of the best gifts my mom ever gave me. I liked to just sit down and read the world book encycolpedia. There were so many wonderful things in it. I was up to Victoria Holt by ten, I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings by eleven. No one should read East of Eden or The Godfather at twelve though. After the Nancy Drews, I don't think my mother knew what I was reading.
  • I was obsessed with the "Sweet Valley" Series....I read them all....Sweet Valley kids..Sweet Valley Twins...Sweet Valley High...Sweet Valley University...Not to mention all the super editions and so on and so on LOL I literally had NO life haha
  • I was encouraged to read - all our family are avid readers and I got quite a library at home. I had lots of Enid Blyton books as a kid, and frequent visits to the lending library.

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