• You should break up with him. Find an adult boyfriend who is capable of providing whatever it is you think you need from a relationship.
  • Break up, you could go to jail for messing with a 15 year old. No offense but if that were my son, I'd have you arrested
  • wow theses people are harsh... hun ur 18 and ya hes only 15 but if u love him then u should try and make it work... but if u dont love him then maby u should try and move on for a while... if its ment to be then it will happen eventualy.. and dont listen to theses peole who say such harsh stuff u cant help who u fall for and as long as u guys both want to be together and to do the stuff ur doing then ur fine... hope i helped
  • A 15 year old isn't capable of giving you what you need because he is too young for a relationship, a real relationship. Either wait for him to grow up or better yet, find someone who is closer to your age and is more ready for one. He is underage. I was only 14 when I met my now husband and he was nearly 19 but we waited and went REAL SLOW because I wanted to. We waited and waited and did fun things but I was a virgin when I married him finally at 18 and he was 23. We've been married for 34 years now and I don't regret going slow. But then again, I didn't think of a relationship as just something to do or as a recreation. I was very serious about finding a long term partner.
  • He sounds like he is a very young 15. At 18 years of age you could go to jail as he is underage. If I were you, I would find someone my own age!! Happy, downrater?
  • I think that he is way too young to manage an adult relationship because he still has a lot of growing to do and a lot to learn about relationships. your goals and his might and pry are a lot different from each others since you might be thinking about getting your independence and he is still think about hanging out and not getting in trouble with his parents
  • you are 18 and hes 15, ONE thats ILLEGAL two men, or in your case BOYS mature slower than women do i think whatever age they are at they are something like 3 years behind or something so its basically like you are dating a 15 year old with the mental capacity of a 12 year old do his parents know about you? why cant you find some1 your own age? are you in school? do your parents know? i have to agree if my son was dating an adult and he was underage, they would b locked up u need to date some1 18 and up dont be a pedophile
  • lol you ppl make me laugh HE CANT EVEN GET HIS LICENSE OR WATCH A RATED R MOVIE YET!!! AND YOUR SAYING LOVE IS LOVE? lol get some common sense here ppl!
  • A little advice - half the people on this site have no idea how to manage their own 'adult' relationships, and for some reason seem to bitterly hate all teenagers and want them to be asexual. Who cares, as long as you two get along and there's no exploitation you just need to work out eachother's limitations.
  • Many 18 yr olds aren't yet mature emotionally. Why do so many people assume that dating = sex? Just because one is 18? When I was a senior in high school, I had "puppy love" type boyfriends in lower grades and never had sex. Pretty much just good friends who held hands and called it dating. Nothing illegal about that at all. I was pretty much a late bloomer emotionally and relationship wise. I'm choosing to give this girl the benefit of the doubt here. I'm 38 and have been married over 15 years.
  • "...when we have been on and off" "like i do everything i can for him" I haven't the foggiest clue what you mean here. Are you having sex with a baby boy? The best thing you can do for him or yourself is never see him again. Go for someone your age or older. If you have a sexual relationship with this little kid, you should turn yourself in to the nearest District Attorney, and plead guilty to statutory rape. You might get off with six years' probation, though you probably ought to be in jail.
  • hmmm thats a tricky one..... you should tell him that there is no pressure in the mean time try different kissing stratagies (i cant spell) such as: kissin his neck, frenchkissing teach him well! practice makes perfect remember, urrm discuss to him about urrrm lets see... touching ?if you know what i mean hope this helps you good luck. xx
  • "he always telling me that he's only 15 and he can't do nothin for me" The kid even knows he too young for you and that sensetence sounds like your pressuring him into having sex which is rape btw!
  • cradle snatcher
  • How is this illegal?? If a boy is let's say 15 and his girlfriend is 15 1/2, what are they supposed to do when the girl turns 18? Break it off for 6 months and then get back together? As long as there's no sex it's not illegal.
  • Break up with him, before you get arrested.
  • You've probably heard it a million times but you need to break up with him and get with and adult because you're in an illegal relationship... He's a kid and he's right he can't really do anything for you.. All you're doing is increasing his ego but yet making it smaller because males hate for their woman to have more "power" than them even if they don't admit it.. Therefore things aren't gonna go well between you.. Move on, let him grow up and find a MAN that deserves you.. You can do much better..
  • Reality...In a nutshell...He is too young for you and probably can't handle a relationship and emotions...Its time for you to move on. A record of statuatory rape, will ruin you. If his parents don't know about you, you could get yourself in trouble. I was 18, and out on my own and single. I had a guy about 16 years old come up to me, approach me, and have a conversation with me. He was very confident, I think more so than most men. He was actually having a mature conversation with me. I kept trying to think of a way to end it. Shortly, I told him that he was very goodlooking because I didn't think he would like a compliment. He said that I was vain. I told him no, I am not vain, but that doesn't change the fact that you are goodlooking and are a bit young. I told him to find someone his own age. His mind was thinking, and he kept trying, but he eventually left me alone because I would not advance the conversation. He was really cute...but..inside I was laughing because there was no way...I was touching that.

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