• I've thought about getting one that says "I'm already against the NEXT war."
  • "Exit only" Where you ask? Any oriface that you don't want things put in. I don't reccomend your mouth.
  • It depends what you like. I like vampires, so I want a vampire bite on the side of my neck. I'd also like a rose on my forearm.
  • cats. I always get cats. and flowers. cats and flowers together. that's what most of mine are.
  • Yeah - don't get one.
  • Look for something that you can live with for the rest of your life. Write that idea on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Put the envelope away for a year, then open it and reread your idea. If you can still live with it, then go ahead and get it. I went for a peace sign, since it is such a part of my personality. The wife wanted angel wings, but decided against them after a year. Remember, this is a pretty permanent thing. Yes, you can laser them off, but that costs a lot more than getting the right one the first time.
  • thought i'd share my tattoos with u (i'm female)- a rose and heart on my belly, three stars on my ankle and a pisces symbol on my shoulder one in the planning....have u seen robbie william's swallows on his stomach? i want a single one one my lower back. it just looks so beautiful, i've gotta have it!
  • I have 6 (a purple heart between my right thumb and index finger, a black star on each of my wrists, a star on my ankle and a heart on my other ankle). I really like them all and they all mean a lot to me. You should get something that means something to you.
  • A tattoo should be something personal, and something you want... not what others would recommend for you. I suggest looking through tattoo books and seeing if anything sparks your interest. and then wait and think real hard about it, because it will be on your body for the rest of your life.
  • my tattos are: (in order) 1) a heart with a dagger through it on upper arm (i was 14) 2)a evil TIGGER with a pitch fork devil horns on my shoulder blade (16) 3) a chinese symbol on my wrist means spirit and soul - confirmed by a chinese lady!!) (16) 4) a mini tribal on the same wrist (16) 5) a big cross with a red backround with a rose wrapped round it with 'in loving memory Nicky' in banners on my stomach(17) 6) a playboy bunny on the other side very small and low down (18) 7)a star under my 1st heart tattoo (18) i also want my kids names on the other side (when i have them) a crab and a cancer sign on my arm i want a daisy chain around my ankle and on to my foot all the way down to my toe and my own deign tribal tattoo on bottom of back, very big that starts and ends on my hips and half way up my back! only get a tattoo if you are in love with it, or you will want to change it!
  • A bloody bullet hole on the shoulder.
  • Get a spinal column going all the way down your spine. I kind of want that, but I'm not brave enough.
  • Yes, but you should find what you like.
  • godsmack sun logo w/smiley face in the center.
  • I would recommend you shop around a lot before deciding on a tattoo artist. Look in their books/collections, and notice the cleanliness of the place. Is it clean?
  • Choose a symbol that has a deep personal meaning for you and looks good too. It should inspire you and remind you of who you are and what you stand for. I was in the navy and I have a tribal sea-horse that has at least three meanings for me.
  • Depends on what you are into. I love and collect Teddy Bears so I have a Teddy Bear with wings and halo on my right ankle. . Decide the size and intrests and then look through the books in the Tattoo Parlor. . +5
  • I think roses are really cute. There are a lot of different designs and they're suitable almost anywhere.
  • I love dolphins
  • Salvador Dali recreation on the skin
  • Anything other than a girls name unless it is "mom"
  • My daughter has a treble clef on her ankle - I don't like tattoos but it is really quite attractive.
  • For me, a hairline tattoo like the hairline i had in my 20's +
  • The best ideas come from YOU! If you want a tat because "everyone has one", have an image of a sheep drawn on you. I've always felt that the only tattoo that I would ever have, would be designed by the events of my life. 45 years, and no ideas yet, but if something profound (enough) happens to me, I may commemorate it with a tat. If you can't think of ink that means something to you, pierce something instead, it's less permanent, and may satisfy the desire for a mod.
  • Don't get one. You will look ridiculous when you get older.
  • Not a girls name.

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