• your first name? well what do you look like...ive always thought that a person 'looks' like their name. and it should sound natural with your last name...but not fake. i dunno...if you dont mind my asking, what is your name?
  • Are you named after a Taco Bell menu item? I mean that is what your AB name looks like phonetically. I would probably like a very unique name as I was able to get my own little metal NY license plate for the back of my bicycle.
  • I would change mine to Damn Spot or 555.
  • i like your name babe, dont go changing ^.^
  • Well, make sure it's something you'll answer to. Since it's casey now, maybe cassandra or cathy or something close like that. and yeah, make it sound normal with your last name, whatever that's going to be.
  • Go to a party where you don't know anybody ( or close to that ) and introduce yourself as that new name you're considering. See how it feels....
  • I have changed mine 5 years ago. The name I chose started out as a nickname but then gradually most people started to call it me and I liked it from the start. I hated my birth name from a very early age and for some reason all the names I liked were ambiguous. Toni, Terri etc . My advice would be this... play around with various names, get a baby name book and see how something "fits". You will know when it is right, but it took me until I was in my 40's to find a name which I think suits me as a person and goes with my surname. Another alternative is to use your middle name if you have one. Most of my mothers family are known by their second names.
  • I never really thought about it... but my husband did at one point. Everyone calls my hubby "Mitch". It's been this way since he was in Little League... after a while he got used to it. So he thought "Why not change my name to Mitch?" But then he thought "Mitch Mitchell? Sounds like a news reporter" His father was adopted when he was younger, so my hubby thought about taking his father's birth name and become "Mitch Desmond" Then he eventually said "Screw it. Too much paperwork"
  • Mitch Mitchelll was the drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, wasn't he?

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